Buy Tommy Robinson’s book “Silenced”

Buy Tommy Robinson's book "Silenced"

Tommy Robinson’s new book “Silenced” illustrates his entire life journey. This book is written by Tommy Robinson himself. He gives an account of his early life in Luton, a city that largely constituted immigrant communities. He puts down the occurrences that inspired him to begin a mass organization movement called The English Defence League or The EDL which is about stopping the ‘Islamization‘ of the United Kingdom. The biography is composed in the first-person narrative impression and with a substantial amount of English dialect. Robinson narrates an exceptionally displeasing journey of abuse and injustice. The book is fascinating with stories about conspiracy in the British political operation, police force, and social services.

SILENCED by Tommy Robinson

If one knows little about Robinson, this book is like one big story from start to finish. The books depict how Robinson’s privileges are cut away as the administration engages in unusual and cruel penalties. The book talks about several fundamental issues of lawlessness among Muslim communities of which he has been a victim.

 Buy Tommy Robinson’s “Silenced

You can purchase Tommy Robinson’s book online, in a variety of formats. The Kindle ebook version is available on the Kindle online store. If you wish to purchase the hard copy, you will get the paperback edition in a number of online bookstores like Waterstones.

 Robinson’s book review

Tommy Robinson has emerged as a great author in past years. His life experiences have made him at the top of the list of best-selling authors on multiple e-commerce sites. His books have been counted as one of the best editions which is a must-read by everyone as claimed by his readers. Several readers have asserted that his editions are wonderful, explaining to them various things which they did not know before reading his books. Besides his life journey, he seems to be a great author.

Early Life and Personal  info of Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson was born Stephen Christopher Yaxley on 27 November 1982. He was raised in Luton, England. Later he took up a mixture of pseudonyms like Andrew McMaster, Paul Harris, and Wayne King, before ultimately putting upon his recent title Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson

Robinson is a British far-right, anti-Islam activist, and sentenced criminal on different charges of fraud and violence including distinct crimes. He is the former leader and co-founder of the English Defence League and later assisted former UKIP leader Gerard Batten as a political advisor.

After leaving school, he declared he would go to Luton Airport to study aircraft engineering on an apprenticeship. He qualified in 2003 and he lost his job followed by a twelve-month prison sentence for assault on off-duty law police. Afterward, in 2004, he joined the British National Party which was headed by Nick Griffin at that period.

This was the onset of his career in politics. Later he came to be the leader of the English Defence League. He also went on to join the ‘British Freedom Party, which stresses right-wing activism too, along with his job in the EDL( English Defence League). He regularly spoke in the media during this time evolving into a known figurehead for his specific category of politics.

Tommy Robinson

Robinson has been involved in far-right politics for several years. He was a member of the white nationalist British National Party (BNP) and neo-fascist from 2004 – 2005. For a small time in 2012, he acted as vice-chairman of the British Freedom Party (BFP). Robinson became leader of the EDL( English Defence League) from 2009 to 8 October 2013. He proceeded as an activist, and in 2015 became involved with the growth of Pegida UK, a now-defunct British chapter of the German-based far-right organization Pegida. From 2017 – 2018, he wrote for and came up in online videos for Rebel News, a Canadian far-right political website.

Robinson has a long history of criminal records. His convictions include stalking, violence, immigration and financial and frauds, drug possession, and public order offenses. He has been executed in prison for contempt of court. He has filled at short four separate terms of imprisonment, in 2005 for assault, in 2012 for using fake travel documents to reach the United States, in 2014 for mortgage crime, and, in May 2018, he was executed in prison for 13 months for resentment of court after circulating a Facebook Live video of defendants entering a law court, against a court order that prohibits publishing on such trials while proceedings are continuous.

Tommy Robinson court case

On 1 August 2018, due to procedural errors, he was discharged on bail. On 5 July 2019, he was again found guilty of contempt of court at the retrial and was imposed in prison at the Old Bailey for nine months on 11 July. Before his sentencing, Robinson came up on InfoWars and requested political asylum in the United States. He was released from prison on 13 September 2019 after 9 weeks.

In 2013, he stepped aside as leader of the English Defence League, leaving the party behind him. Robinson spoke for himself and became a spokesperson and activist for his beliefs on different platforms in his politics. He started speaking across social media, with several people both for and against the right-wing politics that he stands for.

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 Robinson’s Writing Career

Enemy of the State 

In 2015, Tommy Robinson published his first title which was a biography named ‘Enemy of the State’.It is a non-fiction work. It contains the story of his life as narrated by him until that point, looking back at what gave rise to the person that he is today. It features several of his beliefs, views, and opinions, giving the reader an understanding of what made him. Looking at him growing up in Luton, the book describes his childhood in his own words along with his perspective and attitude.

Enemy of the State

This book takes a glance at the life of Stephen Christopher Yaxley until the point of publication, and how he established Tommy Robinson. The book includes multiple experiences from his later life, such as his arrests and the moment spent with the English Defence League.


Pointing to stand-alone titles, he has described much of his life over the years, along with his philosophy that comes from a right-wing viewpoint. It mainly concentrates on how he saw immigration, along with his perspectives on Islam. These stories would restate greatly what was going on in his own life. As the activism was molding his work, it offered knowledge of who he was and who he is at present, as a person in the media’s eye.

 Mohammed’s Koran

Mohammed’s Koran

Later he wrote a book called ‘Mohammed’s Koran’, which explains his Islamic beliefs in greater detail. This book was published on 25 January 2017 and released through the ‘CreateSpace Independent Publishing platform. Written alongside Peter Mcloughlin, they both published and marketed this book themselves, using the name that Robinson had already ascertained. This was a combined effort between them, while Mcloughlin had already written various pieces, much of it was also from a far-right perspective.

 Robinson’s Various Media Appearances

Over the past years, Robinson has appeared on various radio shows and television giving away his impressions and opinions. These have contained his anti-Islam rhetoric, which he has aimed to make one of his sole issues in later years, something which can be reflected in his books. He desires to increase his profile, and he uses these media appearances to create his brand and circulate his message as a right-wing activist.


While this has been met with multiple reactions from a range of voices, he has further heavily invested in social media, which has equally confronted a different entertainment. He starred in programs such as ‘Good Morning Britain’ and has earlier served as a correspondent on ‘The Rebel Media’ also, which is a right-wing Canadian website. This has led to him evolving into the figure that he is today, struggling as an activist and formulating his message.

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