How To Get Cable TV For Low Income Seniors

How To Get Cable TV For Low Income Seniors

Are you looking for a cable TV for low-income seniors? If yes, this is the perfect page for you.

Cable TV can be considered a basic need for senior people since they are more conscious of staying aware of the current news around the world.

Most seniors also enjoy watching numerous sports or movies to keep them entertained when no family member is around.

At the same time, it is difficult for many seniors living on pensions or earning a low income to afford cable TV. In that case, seniors might look for providers offering cheap cable TV packages.

If you wish to get cable TV for low-income seniors to help someone in your family or yourself, please follow our guide detailing how to get cable TV for low-income seniors.

So, without further detail, let’s begin.

How To Get Cable TV For Low-Income Seniors?

Seniors living on a pension or earning low income can get affordable cable TV by following these steps.

Find a Cable TV Provider

The first step is to find a suitable provider from a list of multiple providers offering cable TV services in your region.

Many cable TV providers provide special discounts to low-income seniors. You can look for such providers to get reasonable deals.

Contact the Provider

Once you find a cable TV provider, you must contact them to learn about their cable TV packages and the cost of installation.

Select a Cable TV Plan

The next step is to select a cable TV plan. You can compare the prices of cable TV packages of your preferred provider and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Get the provider’s approval

You must get approval from your preferred provider to install cable TV. Some providers or plans may require a credit check. However, this is a simple process and takes little time.

Schedule your installation

Once the provider approves your request, you can schedule your professional cable TV installation. Generally, many providers offer installation within 2-3 business days after approval.

Best Cable TV Providers For Low-Income Seniors

Best Cable TV Providers For Low-Income Seniors

Here is the list of the best cable TV providers with their packages for seniors.

Spectrum TV

Through Spectrum Affordable Connectivity Program, the provider offers affordable monthly Cable TV plans without long-term contracts. Its services are available in 42 states of the country.

Here is the table of Best Spectrum TV packages for seniors.

Package Price Channels
Spectrum TV Essentials $24.99 monthly 65+
Spectrum TV Select Signature $59.99 monthly 150+
Spectrum TV Select Plus $69.99 monthly 160+
Mi Plan Latino $39.99 145+


Cox TV is another cable TV provider offering the best packages for low-income seniors.

Here are some cable TV packages offered by Cox TV.

Package Price Channels
Contour TV Starter $56 monthly 75+
Contour TV Preferred $99 monthly 140+
Contour TV Preferred Plus $146 monthly 170+
Contour TV Ultimate $139 monthly 250+


Xtream is the best cable TV provider for seniors who want to bundle their internet and cable TV services.

Here are cable TV packages offered by Xtream for seniors

Package Price Channels
Local TV $29.99 monthly 50+
Essential TV $79.99 125+
Variety TV $99.99 monthly 170+


It offers different no-contract Direct TV packages for seniors.

Package Price Channels
Entertainment $64.99 monthly 75+
Choice $99.99 105+
Ultimate $109.90 140+
Premier $154.99 150+
Mas Latino $54.99 monthly 55+
Optimo Mas $74.99 monthly 100+
Mas Ultra $84.99 monthly 80+
Lo Maximo $154.99 monthly 105+

Tips For Best Cable TV Deals For Low-Income Seniors

You can consider a few important tips to get the best deals on cable TV for low-income seniors.

Ask for Senior Discounts

You can request your preferred provider for a senior discount to save some money on your cable TV.

Many providers offer senior discounts on cable TV. You can also ask about any special discount that might be available by asking customer service representatives.

Compare prices of different providers

It is recommended to compare prices for cable TV packages and the installation cost of different providers offering services in your region to get the best deals.

Ask for new customer discounts

You can also request your cable TV providers for new customer discounts. If your provider is generous enough, you may save some installation charges.

Get a basic cable TV package

It would be best if you first purchase the basic cable TV package if you are a senior on a low income, as it has all the essential channels a senior needs. You may upgrade when you feel the basic package does not meet your demands.

Keep minimum cable boxes at the beginning

You can get the best senior deal on your cable TV with the minimum number of cable boxes. If you have a cost issue, it is better to start with 1 TV. You can upgrade to more when necessary.

Cancel premium channels

You can save some money on your cable TV bills by cancelling premium channels before the free trial ends.

Sign up for Autopay

You can sign up for autopay and paperless billing to pay for your cable TV charges. This can help you save between $5-$10 monthly on your bill.

Consider eliminating DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

You can eliminate DVRs from your cable TV services if you do not need them. If you use DVR services, you will add an additional $5 monthly to each installed cable box. Eliminating DVR can help you save $15-$20 each month.

How Much Does Cable TV Cost For Seniors?

There are many cable TV providers in the country that offer affordable streaming to low-income seniors and families with their different cable TV packages.

Hence, if we are to answer how much cable TV costs for seniors on average, it turns out that the cost mainly depends on the providers and seniors’ location.

According to our research, seniors are required to pay a minimum of $50 monthly for a basic TV package. So, even if you don’t want a premium or 100+ channels, you can expect to pay this amount for listening to your local or national news channels.

In contrast, if you want a TV package with more number of channels and added extra perks, you can expect to pay between $60- and $90 based on your provider and package.

Some providers offer special discounts for the first few months to new customers irrespective of the package and then charge their regular fee, while some providers offer cable TV packages on contracts.

You can look for providers that offer no contract packages in your region. If you have opted for a contract cable TV package, you should learn about all the terms and conditions of the contract.

As cable TV cost is an important factor for a low-income senior, you must ensure you know every charge you incur on your cable TV bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a senior discount for cable TV?

Most cable TV providers do not offer senior discounts for cable TV. However, companies like DISH provide special offers for seniors aged 55 and above.

Who provides the best cable TV package for low-income seniors?

DISH TV provides the best cable TV package for seniors aged 55 and older, with their plans starting at $59.99 monthly.

What providers offer the cheapest cable TV packages?

Many providers offer the cheapest cable TV packages, like Xfinity TV packages for seniors or Cox TV packages. Here is a list of the cheapest cable TV providers in 2023

Xfinity TV

  • The plan starts at $20 monthly
  • Available channels are 10-125.

Spectrum TV

  • Plan starts at $59.99 monthly
  • Available channels are 125+

Cox TV

  • The plan starts at $56 monthly
  • Available channels are 75

Sparklight TV

  • The plan starts at $42 monthly
  • Available channels are up to 20

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