Carhartt Military Discount — 15% Off for First Responders

Carhartt Military Discount — 15% Off for First Responders

If you are a first responder or a member of the military, you can now enjoy a 15% discount on all Carhartt products. As a company that values and respects the sacrifice of our servicemen and women, Carhartt is proud to offer this discount as a token of appreciation.

This article will provide comprehensive information about the Carhartt military discount.

What is the Carhartt Military Discount?

What is the Carhartt Military Discount

The Carhartt military discount is a special offer provided by Carhartt to members of the military and first responders. This discount entitles eligible customers to a 15% discount on all Carhartt products purchased online or in-store. It is a way for Carhartt to show appreciation for the service and sacrifice of those who serve their country and communities.

What is About Carhartt Workgear?

Carhartt boasts a rich history and a well-deserved reputation for quality.

Today, Carhartt is widely recognized as the top brand for men’s and women’s workgear and clothing, with a focus on durable, rugged apparel that can withstand the toughest conditions.

Originally catering to railroad workers, Carhartt has since expanded to serve a variety of blue-collar industries and has earned a loyal following among military personnel as well.

Thanks to its reputation for warmth, durability, and longevity, Carhartt apparel and accessories have become go-to gear for those in need of tough, reliable clothing.

More than a century after its inception, Carhartt remains a family-owned business committed to providing “honest value for an honest dollar” and offering an excellent military discount to those who serve.

Carhartt Military Discount Details

Carhartt Military Discount Details

Carhartt is pleased to offer a 15% discount to all verified members of the U.S. Armed Forces, as well as first responders and the nursing community. In addition to the discount, Carhartt offers free shipping on orders over $99. Customers who enroll in the Carhartt Groundbreakers Loyalty Program can enjoy free shipping on all future orders.

The loyalty program is designed to reward hard-working service members in multiple ways. Members earn points for each purchase, which accumulate into more savings. Priority customers receive early access to new and limited Carhartt workgear, as well as advanced customer support. Don’t miss out on this special offer in addition to the military discount.

All in all, the Carhartt military discount is one of the most generous offers available to service members and can make a significant difference in their final payment.

Who is eligible for the Carhartt Military Discount?

Carhartt takes great pride in supporting the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces, which is why the company offers a generous military discount of 15% to active-duty service members. This discount applies to all branches of the military, including the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, National Guard, U.S. Navy, Space Force, and U.S. Reserves. Additionally, military retirees and veterans can also take advantage of this exclusive offer.

While military spouses and dependents are not eligible for the discount, Carhartt extends this offer to first responders and members of the nursing community.

To receive the discount, customers must verify their military service. Carhartt utilizes the verification service, which is a secure and reliable way for hundreds of franchises and online retailers to verify military service.

How to Get the Carhartt Military Discount

To get the Carhartt military discount, customers must follow these steps –

  • Go to the Carhartt website or visit a Carhartt retail store.
  • Choose the products you want to purchase.
  • At checkout, select “Military and First Responder Discount” and click “Verify with”
  • You will then be redirected to the verification platform, where you can confirm your military or first responder status.
  • Once verified, you will receive a unique promo code that can be used to receive a 15% discount on your purchase.
  • Enter the promo code at checkout to receive the discount.

How to apply for the Carhartt Military Discount?

To apply in-store, follow these simple steps –

  • Go to a Carhartt retail store.
  • During checkout, present your military identification.
  • Carhartt allows all standard forms of military identification.

To apply online, follow these easy steps –

  • Shop for men’s workwear and accessories at
  • Add the items you want to purchase to your cart.
  • During checkout, click on the ‘’ button.
  • Follow the verification process to confirm your military service.

Once your military status is verified, the discount will be applied to your order automatically.

If you encounter any issues with the verification process or applying the discount during checkout, don’t hesitate to contact Carhartt customer service via online chat, email, or phone (1-800-833-3118).

Additionally, military customers can reach out to [email protected] for verification issues. The Carhartt military discount is a great way for military personnel to enjoy high-quality apparel and work accessories while receiving a generous discount that shows appreciation for their highly valued service to the nation.


How much is the Carhartt military discount?

Eligible customers can receive a 15% discount on their Carhartt purchases.

What branches of the military are eligible for the discount?

This discount is available to customers who have served or are currently serving in various branches of the military, including but not limited to the Air Force, Coast Guard, Army, Marine Corps, National Guard, U.S. Navy, Space Force, and U.S. Reserves.

Can military spouses and dependents receive the discount?

No, the Carhartt military discount is not available to military spouses and dependents.

How can first responders and members of the nursing community verify their status for the discount?

They can verify their status through

Is the Carhartt military discount available online and in stores?

Yes, the discount is available for online and in-store purchases.

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