Cast Vote Records: What You Need to Know?

Cast Your Vote

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Cast Vote Records: What You Need to Know?

Moment of truth summit

Casting your vote means to vote in an election for somebody. All citizens have a right to release the ballot for the candidate who stands for election.

Mike Lindell organized another event called “Moment of Truth Summit” on August 20 and 21, 2022. The mega event was divided into six parts, among which Mike Lindell presented a world premiere of the movie selection code.

This documentary shows the election fraud concept, which many think was the reason behind Joe Biden’sBiden’s victory in the presidential election of 2020. It is also believed that votes in favor of Trump were stolen and directed in favor of Joe Biden through bugged EVMs.

Mike Lindell invited all, including church leaders and podcasters. The event was informational.

It is not the first time Mike has been holding such a long-drawn-out event- he had also held the Cyber Symposium that lasted 72 hours. 

What are Cast Vote Records?

Cast Vote Records

A cast vote record is an electronic record of voters’ ballot selections. Its primary intent is to describe voter selections that can be counted efficiently to produce election results.

Example of Cast Vote Records

The Vice presidents of the United States may exercise their casting vote when the Senate is evenly divided according to their personal beliefs. 

By the integrity of the Vice President’s political leanings and affiliations, the Vice President’s political party can serve as the majority party in the Senate.

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