CCB to summon Anchor Anushree on the Sandalwood drug case; check the latest updates:

CCB to summon Anchor Anushree

In recent times there has been a lot of revelation on the drug angle in the entertainment industry. Many names from all over the industry have been coming out, while many are denying the claims. However, CCB is still summoning celebrities and closely investigating the angles on the drug probe. A very famous name that got highlighted in the issue again if of Anushree. She is a well-known anchor and has denied all the claims that have been put on her in the drug angle.

CCB to summon Anchor Anushree, when did she receive the notice?

There are rumors that the CCB has sent a notice to the anchor via Whatsapp. The Mangaluru sleuths have issued notice to the anchor to appear in front of them. When Anushree was questioned by various people and news channels, she denied all the claims. She even clarified to Asianet Kannada that she has not received any notice from the CCB. It is reported by the actor and dancer Kishor Shetty’s friend that he has been organizing rave parties in Bangaluru. This information came out when he was arrested and questioned. He has also mentioned that Anushree has been present in most of these parties.

What is a further step in the investigation process of anchor Anushree?

The CCB will physically go and issue a notice to the anchor, said the sources. It is also said that they will continue their questioning and investigation on the case. However, when the actor with Asianet Kannada has denied all the claims and said that she has not received any notice from the CCB. She also completely disregarded the rumors that the notice came to her via a Whatsapp message. She said neither has the notice go to her via Whatsapp or physically. When the CCB sleuths were asked about what the anchor claimed on Asianet Kannada, they said that a notice was sent to Anushree. The CCB is likely to conduct the investigation as and when they reach Bengaluru.


It seems that the entire entertainment industry is going through the drug probe. While in Bollywood, famous celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan, and Rakul Preet Singh, whose names are taken in the Drug Angle. The scandal in every industry seems to be getting bigger and bigger, and the names of more prominent celebrities are coming up. Although nothing has been proved or found against these celebrities, that is concrete, making them rumors until the official’s state otherwise. Hence these can all be baseless rumors until proven. To know more about the latest updates, stay tuned to world wire.

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