Cells At Work: Code Black Release Date, New Preview, Cast, Plot, Trailer- Where to Watch For Free?

Cells At Work Code Black

Cells At Work: Code Black Release Date, New Preview, Cast, Plot, Trailer- Where to Watch For Free?: Another piece of good news is that Muse Asia has licensed the upcoming spin-off anime of Cells at Work. Code Black is all set to release in January of next year and fans are really excited about it. We might not get the comedy anime we got in 2018 as the promotional videos released till now are showing that the new anime is a dark one.

Cells At Work: Code Black Plot 

Unlike the first season, the spin-off will focus on a body that is much less taken care of and is in a really bad condition. You can read the official synopsis by Aniplex US to get the more gist of the story. The host of the body doesn’t take care of the body and drinks and smoke on a regular basis, and the body is overstressed and the body deprived of sleep. All of this was discovered by a rookie blood cell that was making oxygen deliveries all around the body. These cells have to work overtime and with all their power to keep the body in shape. They have to fight against various viruses that can ruin the body.

After all, this is a war in which “these cells risk their lives to fight back against the never-ending despair”. In this series, you will see these cells work desperately to keep the body alive. If you have read the manga you will know that unless the censor lot of stuff, some things that they will show will not be PG. These cells will work at R-rated parts of the body. It looks like the main cast’s genders are reversed or it might be that the main body’s own gender is reversed. We don’t know for sure what the gender is in the regular Cells at Work manga but it will be interesting to see.

Cells At Work: Code Black Release Date

Cells At Work: Code Black is all set to release in January 2021. Interestingly the second season of Cells At Work will release in the same time window. It will be interesting to see how well they manage the schedule. The official release date is yet to be revealed, so keep an eye here as we will update you as soon as we get some information regarding the release date.

Cells At Work: Code Black Where To Watch 

As we know that Muse Asia has licensed the anime. The anime will come on their official youtube channel. It hasn’t been announced yet, but it is a given. So once it gets confirmed we will update you here only.

Cells At Work: Code Black Cast and Characters

Junya Enoki will paly the Red Blood Cell, Yoko Hikasa will be the White Blood Cell and Kenjiro Tsuda will be the narrator in the series. More cast will be revealed along the way and we will update you.

The newly announced cast members are:-

  • Kenn Voiced By Red Blood Cell
  • Lynn Voiced By White Bood Cell (Neutrophilic)
  • Yumi Uchiyama Voiced By White Bood Cell (Neutrophilic)
  • Takashi Narumi Voiced By Gastric Chief Cell
  • Yurika Kubo Voiced By Platelet

Hideyo Yamamoto is directing the series and Yugo Kanno is composing the music. Eiji Abiko will handle the character design and LIDEN FILMS will produce the movie.

Cells At Work: Code Black Preview

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