Charities that help with Deposit for Rent – Top 5

Charities that help with Deposit for Rent - Top 5

Are you looking for the Charities that help with Deposit for Rent? If yes, then you have stumbled upon the right article.

Many families and individuals in the United States may find it difficult to locate affordable accommodation.

Even if they do, Many renters nowadays ask for a security deposit, which not everyone can afford.

I remember the time when I needed to move into a new place. The rent was okay, but the deposit was just too much for me at that moment.

It was one of those times when everything seemed to happen all at once – my car needed fixing, and a few unexpected bills had come in.

I felt stuck, knowing I couldn’t afford the deposit, yet desperately needed a safe and stable place to live.

That’s when I started looking for help. I heard some charities could assist with situations like mine.

They understood that sometimes, people need a little support to get back on their feet.

These organizations work to help individuals and families avoid homelessness and maintain a stable living situation by providing financial assistance for things like rent deposits.

I reached out, and the process was more straightforward than I expected.

They asked about my situation, what led me to need help, and my financial status to ensure the aid went to those who needed it most.

It was comforting to find that people were willing to help during such a stressful time.

In this article, I have shared the Top 5 Charities that help with Deposit for Rent. I hope they help you in hard times.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

What are Rental Assistance Charities?

What are Rental Assistance Charities
What are Rental Assistance Charities

Rent assistance charities provide secure and consistent accommodation for low-income individuals and families.

Because housing costs in many regions of the United States are increasing faster than wages, people living paycheck to paycheck may find it extremely difficult to pay their monthly rent.

Payment delays can result in eviction, harming an individual’s rental record and exacerbating the challenge of securing affordable housing.

There are many charities that help with deposit for rent. These nonprofit organizations provide short-term financial assistance to households unable to pay their complete rent to prevent homelessness.

The financial assistance might be a voucher, short-term loan, or grant.

Charitable contributions may be utilized to settle delinquent rent, security deposits, and relocation costs. Some even offer ongoing rental subsidies.

Can I get the First Month’s Rent and Security Deposit Assistance Near Me?

Rent and security deposit payments in advance can be one of the most formidable obstacles to obtaining housing.

Many landlords require the first month’s rent and a deposit equal to one month before moving in.

This may necessitate an initial deposit of two to three times the monthly rental amount to secure the premises.

It may seem impossible for low-income families and individuals to save hundreds or thousands of dollars for move-in costs.

The good news is that numerous communities offer assistance.

Government housing agencies, charitable organizations, nonprofits, and religious organizations administer programs that assist qualified applicants in paying their security deposits and first month’s rent.

How Do I Find Charities that Help with Deposits for Rent Near Me?

How Do I Find Charities that Help with Deposits for Rent Near Me
Charities that Help with Deposits for Rent Near Me

Here are some top ways individuals can utilize to find charities to help with deposits for rent:

Search the Internet

Utilizing the Internet to locate local deposit assistance programs can be a tremendous asset.

Investigate the websites of government agencies, churches, local nonprofits, and charities that may administrate housing assistance programs.

You may also search “Charities that help with Deposit For Rent” on search engines such as Google, and you will get multiple results.

Visit Local Government Offices

Establishing relationships with local government offices is crucial for obtaining information regarding charities that help with deposit for rent.

Contact your county social services office, town hall, or municipal housing authority via telephone or in person. Inquire about affiliations with rental assistance programs or charitable organizations.

Explore Community Resources

It is imperative not to disregard smaller community organizations, such as places of worship, libraries, and cultural institutions.

Charities that provide rental deposit assistance are frequently included on the lists of assistance programs that these community centers frequently update.

Stop by in person to view bulletin boards, pick up pamphlets, or speak with staff.

They might be aware of nonprofit organizations, food pantries, or religious organizations that provide deposit assistance and are difficult to locate online.

Charities That Help With Deposit For Rent – Top 5

Charities that help with Deposit for Rent - Top 5
Charities that help with Deposit for Rent – Top 5

Here is the list of the top five charities that could help individuals who require help in paying off their rent:

United Way

United Way is known for providing various forms of assistance, such as Low Income Housing with No Waiting List, to individuals and families in need, including help with rent and utilities.

In some regions, United Way may also offer support for security deposits as part of their rental assistance programs.

Recipients must have an income at or below 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI) and be at risk of homelessness. The program can cover security deposits and the first month’s rent.

Here are the steps to apply for rental assistance from United Way.

  • Look for the form on United Way’s website specific to your region.
  • Keep an eye on your phone or email for a message from United Way about whether you are eligible.
  • If you are eligible, you’ll be added to a pool of randomly chosen recipients based on funding availability.
  • If chosen, you will get an email with instructions on how to finish applying.
  • A case manager will guide you through completing your application and obtaining the necessary documents from your landlord.
  • Once everything is approved, your landlord will get the rent payment within 2-3 weeks.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat’s DEHAP program provides up to $2,000 per month (a maximum of 15 months) in rental and utility assistance to low-to-moderate-income Delaware renters affected by COVID-19.

Funds can be used for rent arrears, security deposits, the first month’s rent, and utility bills. Applicants must have a pandemic-related loss of income.

Here are the simple steps to apply.

  • Contact your local Habitat for Humanity office through their official website or phone number.
  • Each local office will have an application process for assistance.
  • Be prepared to submit any required documents to prove your need and eligibility.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities branches across the US offer rental assistance programs, including help with security deposits and the first month’s rent payments. These charities usually help single mothers and disabled people.

Check for a local Catholic Charities office that provides housing services. Eligibility and aid amounts may vary.

  • Use the Catholic Charities website to locate your nearest agency.
  • Contact them directly to learn about the rental assistance application process.
  • Provide all necessary documentation as requested by the agency.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provides rental assistance, mainly for overdue rent and utilities.

While not focused on deposits, it can offer some support for move-in costs on a case-by-case basis. It’s one of the best charities that helps with deposit for rent.

Here are the steps to apply for rental assistance from the Salvation Army.

  • To apply, visit the official website of the Salvation Army.
  • Scroll down and look for “Rental and Utility Assistance.”

Salvation Homepage

  • On the next screen, enter your zip code to find rental assistance.

Enter Zip Code

  • Follow the remaining instructions.
  • Apply and wait for approval.

Eblen Charities

Eblen Charities is a nonprofit serving parts of NC that may assist with rental deposits and housing expenses as part of its mission to aid the community. Programs vary by location.

  • Fill out the Eblen Charities Rental Assistance Form to apply for rental assistance.
  • Take a printout of the form and fill out all the necessary information.
  • Attach the copies of your required documents.
  • Send the application to 23 Hamilton St, Asheville, NC 28801, phone 828.255.3066.

How Do I Apply for Charities that Help with Deposit For Rent?

How Do I Apply for Charities that Help with Deposit For Rent
Apply for Charities that Help with Deposit For Rent

Here’s how you can apply for charities that help with the deposit for rent:

Research and Identify Charities

The first step is researching organizations in your area that assist with move-in costs like security deposits and the first month’s rent.

Search online, check with your local housing authority, and ask community organizations to find charities near you. Make a list of ones that offer relevant programs and help with deposits.

Contact the Charities

Once you’ve identified some charities, contact them by phone, email, or in person. Explain your situation and inquire about their application process.

Ask what documentation you must apply and confirm that you meet eligibility criteria, such as income limits. Get specifics on what their assistance covers and how much aid they provide.

Check Eligibility

Carefully review the eligibility requirements of each charity you plan to apply to. You’ll likely need to provide documents proving your income, rental costs, identity, and need.

Gather pay stubs, tax returns, photo IDs, lease paperwork, and anything else required. Make sure you satisfy all criteria before applying.

Complete Application Forms

Obtain application forms from the charities that help with deposit for rent, either online or in person. Please fill them out thoroughly and accurately. Double-check that all your information, from income sources to the number of dependents, is correct before submitting.

Follow all instructions carefully.

Provide Documentation

Include all required documents with your application. This typically involves paperwork validating income, rental amounts, identity, and statements of hardship.

Follow submission instructions closely, and make copies of everything you provide.

Attend Interviews or Assessments

Some charities may follow up with interviews, home visits, or other assessments. Be open and honest when answering questions about your circumstances and financial situation.

Explain clearly why you require deposit assistance.

Wait for Approval

Wait to hear back after submitting your full application.

Approval for Charities that help with Deposit for Rent can take two weeks to two months. If you don’t receive a response, be patient but persistent in following up.

Follow Up

Follow up if you don’t hear back from a charity within the time frame they provided. Check-in politely via phone or email and demonstrate your ongoing interest in their program.

With persistence, rental deposit assistance may be within reach.

Eligibility for Charities that Help with Deposit For Rent


Charities that assist with security deposits and the first month’s rent often have specific eligibility criteria that applicants must meet. While requirements vary by organization, there are some common factors charities consider:

  • Income Level: Most charities offering deposit assistance base eligibility on the applicant’s income. A maximum income threshold is typically tied to Area Median Income or Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • Housing Status: Charities want to help those at risk of homelessness or housing instability. Applicants may have to provide an eviction notice, prove they are leaving unsafe housing, or show they are homeless.
  • Assets: Charities evaluate applicants’ overall assets and resources. They want to assist people with limited savings and support systems with no other deposit aid options.
  • Residency: Charities typically serve residents of a specific area, city, county, or state. Applicants need to live and rent housing in the charity’s jurisdiction.

Documents Required For Charities that help with Deposit for Rent


Here are the required documents for Charities that help with Deposit for Rent.

  • Rent Receipts: Collect rent receipts from your landlord for the rent paid during the relevant period. These receipts serve as evidence of your rent payments.
  • Rental Agreement: Ensure you have a valid and updated rental agreement (also known as a lease) with your landlord. The rental agreement outlines the terms and conditions of your tenancy.
  • Proof of Income: Provide documentation to verify your income. This could include:
    • Pay stubs
    • Employment verification letter
    • Tax returns
    • Unemployment benefits documentation
    • Social Security income statements
  • Identification: You’ll need a valid form of identification, such as a driver’s license, state ID, or passport.
  • Proof of Residence: Show that you reside at the rental property. This can be done through utility bills, mail addressed to you at the property, or other official documents.
  • Proof of Hardship: Some programs may require evidence of financial hardship. This could include:
    • Layoff notices
    • Medical bills
    • Other unexpected expenses
  • Bank Statements: Provide recent bank statements to demonstrate your financial situation.
  • Social Security Number (SSN): You’ll need your SSN for identification and eligibility.

Tips To Get Help From Charities that Help with Deposit for Rent


Here are some tips that can help you get the deposit for rent from charities:

Research Available Programs

Do thorough research to find all organizations that provide deposit assistance. Search online, check bulletin boards, and call around. Compile a list of charities, nonprofits, churches, and government programs that help with move-in costs.

Contact Local Social Services

Contact local social service agencies and government housing offices. Explain your situation and inquire about rental deposit assistance programs or partners. These organizations are deeply connected to aid opportunities.

Apply Early

Submit applications as early as possible for Charities that help with Deposit for Rent, especially for programs with limited funding.

Competition for deposit assistance can be high. The earlier you apply, the better your chances of securing aid before a charity’s budget runs out.

Follow All Instructions

Carefully adhere to all directions when completing applications. Answer questions thoroughly and accurately to portray your situation. Confirm receipt if submitting online. Double-check that you meet every eligibility requirement.


Do government programs assist with rent deposits?

Yes, some government agencies and programs like HUD and the Emergency Rental Assistance Program can provide funds to cover security deposits and the first month’s rent for qualified applicants.

These programs assist low-income individuals at risk of homelessness. Eligibility is based on income limits, needs, and other criteria.

What are security deposit assistance programs?

Security deposit assistance programs provide financial help specifically for paying rental security deposits. Government agencies and nonprofit organizations run these programs to make housing more accessible.

The aid is given as a grant, loan, or payment directly to the landlord. It covers all or part of the deposit, reducing an upfront move-in cost.

Are there eligibility criteria for receiving rent deposit assistance from charities?

Yes, charities typically have eligibility requirements to receive help with a rental deposit.

Applicants often must meet income limits, demonstrate financial hardship, provide proof of identity and residence, and show they are at risk of housing instability.

Eligibility criteria ensure the limited funds go to those most in need.

Can I get security deposit assistance in Virginia?

Yes, some organizations in Virginia can provide security deposit assistance for renters in need.

Options include Virginia Department of Social Services, HOME of Virginia, Southern Virginia Regional Housing Program, and Stop Homelessness in Roanoke Valley. Eligibility and aid vary by program.

What types of assistance do charities provide for rent deposits?

Charities help with rent deposits in a few ways. The main types of assistance are grants or loans to fully or partially cover the security deposit amount.

Some charities may make the payment directly to the landlord. Others provide vouchers that tenants can use for the deposit. Charities may also assist with the first month’s rent and the deposit.

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