Charli D’ Amelio Leaked Vaping Video! Twitter Reacts to Charli D’ Amelio Leaked Vaping Video

Charli D' Amelio Leaked Vaping Video! Twitter Reacts to Charli D' Amelio Leaked Vaping Video

Charli D’ Amelio is the biggest Tiktok star and currently has 81 Million followers on the app, she shares funny and friendly videos on the app, Her content is all about funny dance videos and creative content on the app. A recent video the TikTok star has been leaked online, in which it shows the star vaping and the internet is going mad at her.

Who is Charli D’ Amelio?

Charli D' Amelio Leaked Vaping Video! Twitter Reacts to Charli D' Amelio Leaked Vaping Video

Charli D’Amelio (Born on May 1, 2004) is an American web-based life character and artist. Brought up in Norwalk, Connecticut, she was a serious artist for more than ten years before beginning her web-based life profession. She began effectively posting content on the video-sharing application, TikTok, in late 2019, where she would present move recordings on slanting melodies on the stage. She immediately amassed an enormous after and hence turned into the most-followed account on the application, outperforming Loren Gray.

As of August 2020, she has more than 80 million adherents on TikTok and has frequently been alluded to as TikTok’s greatest star. She was named the second most noteworthy procuring TikTok character by Forbes in August 2020.

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D’Amelio initially started posting on TikTok on March 30, 2019, with a lip-synchronizing video close by her companion. Her first video to pick up foothold, a one next to the other video (referred to on the stage as a “two-part harmony”) with the client “Move With Joy,” was posted in July 2019. Since at that point, her substance has, for the most part, comprised of recordings moving to slant melodies on the stage.

Charli D’ Amelio Leaked Vaping Video!

In the video, a person Allegedly Charli D’ Amelio is seen Vaping, and the video has created quite a lot of Drama on the internet. However, this is no officially confirmed, but as of now, it looks more like that it was Charli in the video. People have been complaining of her young age.

Twitter Reacts to Charli D’ Amelio Leaked Vaping Video

Fans and Critics are having mixed opinions about the video, while most of the people are seen complaining about her very young and not adult age, some people say that it is an anxiety pen in the video. In the Video a girl like Charli is seen smoking from a vape.


There is a problem with the video if it really is Charli Hudson in the video, first of all, she is underaged, though these things are lowkey right and common among the teenagers there are young kids who look up to her as a role model, such things should not come out in public.

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