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Charlie Baker Family

The Republican Party member Charles Duane Baker Jr. was born on November 13, 1956. He is the 72nd and the current governor of Massachusetts. He served as the CEO of Harvard pilgrim health care for 10 years. Along with being a politician, he is also a businessman.

Baker also served as a cabinet official for to governors of Massachusetts.

About Charlie Baker’s Family:

Charlie baker’s great grandfather Charles D Baker was born in 1846. He was an assistant United States attorney in New York. He also served in the New York state assembly for many years. Later his grandfather Charles D Baker Jr who was born in 1890 became a politician in Massachusetts. 

Charlie Baker is the fourth generation in the family who bears Charles as the forename.

Charlie’s father Charles Duane Baker was born in 1928. Charlie’s mother’s name is Alice Elizabeth Betty. She was a homemaker. Charlie’s father graduated from Harvard. Later he bought Westinghouse electric corporation. 

Charlie’s parents were poles apart in their ideas and opinions. Charlie’s father was a conservative republican whereas his mother was a liberal democrat. This led to several political arguments at the dinner table.

Baker has two siblings with whom he grew up in Massachusetts. All the three brothers played hockey football and baseball.

Baker’s father was the undersecretary of the US department of health and human services.

Photos of Charlie Baker’s daughter and son:

Education and early career of Charlie Baker

Baker graduated in 1975 from Needham High School. Phil Murphy, who became the governor of New Jersey also graduated alongside Charlie Baker. In school, Baker played basketball. He played in many championships. He played basketball even when he was in Harvard. There he joined the JV basketball team.

In 1979, Baker got his AB (Bachelor of Arts) degree from Harvard University. He completed his MBA from northwestern university’s Kellogg School of management.

Under Governor Bill Weld, Baker was appointed as the Massachusetts Undersecretary of health and human services. This happened in 1991.

Later in 1992, He became the secretary of health and human services of Massachusetts. Baker also served in the administration and finance as a secretary under Paul Cellucci.

The career of Charlie Baker:

Baker was called an “innovator” and “one of the big stars among the secretariats and the agencies.” 

In January 1991, When bill weld took his office as a Governor, he appointed Baker as the Undersecretary of Health and Human Services.

He was also offered the position of Lieutenant Governor which he declined.

Baker served as an architect for the Big Dig financing plan.

Political career:

Governor Weld called Baker “the heart and soul of the Weld–Cellucci administration.” Weld encouraged Baker to run for the Massachusetts gubernatorial elections.

On July 8, 2010, Baker announced his candidacy for the Massachusetts gubernatorial elections. Later, on 17th July 2010, Baker left his position at the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

In the elections, he faced democrats Deval Patrick, Green-Rainbow candidate Jill Stein, and independent, Tim Cahill.

Baker selected Senate minority leader Richard R. Tisei as his running mate.

He got 89% votes in the Republican Nomination.

In the general elections, Baker was defeated by Deval Patrick. He got 42% of the vote, whereas, Patrick’s got 48%.

Baker said, “We fought the good fight,” “We have no cause to hang our heads and will be stronger for having fought this one,” in his speech.

In 2014, Baker announced that he will run again for the Governor. This time his running mate was Karyn Polito, a former opponent of same-sex marriage. The Boston Globe endorsed Baker on October 27, 2014, saying, “One needn’t agree with every last one of Baker’s views to conclude that, at this time, the Republican nominee would provide the best counterpoint to the instincts of an overwhelmingly Democratic Legislature.”

This time, Baker won the general elections defeating Democratic nominee Martha Coakley.

Baker won his election in 2018 and 2015.

He is not an avid Trump supporter. He often criticizes Trump for his actions. Baker also condemned the Capitol riots of January 6, 2021.

He became the most popular Governor of the United States by getting a 74% approval rating.

Baker sent an open letter to nuclear operations of the Entergy Corporation in 2015, urging them to “perform an appropriate root cause analysis of [plant] shutdowns and to complete all necessary repairs and corrective actions.”

In response, the plant was closed. Baker said that it was “a disappointment but it’s not a surprise,” with his administration stating that it “will work closely with Pilgrim’s leadership team and federal regulators to ensure that this decision is managed as safely as possible, and we will continue to work with ISO and the other New England Governors to ensure that Massachusetts and New England has the baseload capacity it needs to meet the electric generation needs of the region.”

Charlie Baker at State of the Commonwealth address:

On January 25, 2022, Charlie Baker gave his final address at the State of the Commonwealth.

In his speech, he said, “Honestly, when I think about what I’ll miss most come this time next year, it will be that opportunity to continue to partner with so many of the great people in this room, and with the great people across this amazing state, who want nothing more than to leave it better than they found it for those who come after them,” 

“But before that time comes, we have a responsibility to do just that for the next twelve months,” he added. 

“Let’s get to work.”

On the pandemic’s economic effect and inflation, Baker said, “The pandemic has proven that we now live in a new world where people have more flexibility about where they live and work,” “To encourage our citizens to continue to call Massachusetts home and to help those struggling to make ends meet because of rising inflation, we’ll file several tax breaks in our budget later this week.”

His speech had many other elements.

Age of Governor Charlie Baker:

Being born in the year 1956, Governor Charlie Baker is 65 years of age.

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