Latest News - USA - China’s Attack on Indian Soldiers was Pre-planned – US Intel reports

China’s Attack on Indian Soldiers was Pre-planned – US Intel reports

China Did the attack on Indian soldiers posted in Galwan valley on 15th June says a US intel report, the incident gave rise to increasing tensions between the two nations, 20 soldiers of the Indian armed forces were martyred in this very long and brutal hand to hand combat.

US Intel Reports

The US intel report also confirms casualties on the Chinese side. “If China released the number which is less than 20, the Indian government would again come under pressure,” said the global times or ‘the mouthpiece of Beijing’

List of Dead/Martyrs Indian Soldiers

1. Col B Santosh Babu- Hyderabad

2. Nb Sub Nuduram Soren- Mayurbhanj

3. Nb Sub Mandeep Singh- Patiala

4. Nb Sub Satnam Singh- Gurdaspur

5. Hav K Palani-Madurai

6. Hav Sunil Kumar-Patna

7. Hav Bipul Roy-Meerut City

8. Nk Deepak Kumar- Rewa

9. Sep Rajesh Orang-Birgham

10. Sep Kundan Kumar Ojha- Sahibganj

11. Sep Ganesh Ram-Kanker

12. Sep Chandrakanta Pradhan-Kandhamal

13. Sep Ankush-Hamirpur

14. Sep Gurbinder-Sangrur

15. Sep Gurtej Singh-Mansa

16. Sep Chandan Kumar-Bhojpur

17. Sep Kundan Kumar-Saharsa

18. Sep Aman Kumar-Samastipur

19. Sep Jai Kishore Singh-Vaishali

20. Sep Ganesh Hansda-East Singhbum

India China Border War

India and China share a 3,488 km long limit. Lamentably, the whole limit is questioned. The line, which portrays the limit between the two nations, is prevalently called the McMahon Line, after its creator Sir Henry McMahon.
US Intel Reports
In 1913, the British-India government had called a tripartite gathering, wherein the limit among India and Tibet was formalized after a conversation between the Indians and the Tibetans. A Convention was embraced, which brought about the delimitation of the Indo-Tibetan limit. This limit is, notwithstanding, questioned by China which terms it as unlawful.
In 1957, China involved Aksai Chin and assembled a street through it. This scene was trailed by discontinuous conflicts along the fringe, which at long last finished in the outskirts war of 1962. The limit, which appeared after the war, came to be known as Line of Actual Control (LAC). It is a military held line.

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