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The CNN show Cuomo Prime Time presenter, Christopher Charles Cuomo, was born on August 9, 1970. Chris is the brother of 56th Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo. 

Also, his father, Mario Cuomo, served as 52nd Governor of New York. 

Cuomo was earlier the chief law and justice correspondent at ABC News. He also co-anchored ABC News’s 20/20. At the same time, he also co-anchored a 3 hour morning news show called ‘New Day.

After he defended his brother in court for allegations of sexual harassment, CNN suspended him indefinitely. In December 2021, Cuomo was fired by CNN. 

Chris Cuomo education and early life

Cuomo graduated from Immaculate Conception School and simultaneously studied at a university preparatory day school in New York. He then went to Yale University and earned an undergraduate degree. 

Cuomo also secured his Juris Doctor from Fordham University School of Law in 1995. 

Chris Cuomo is the youngest child of Mario Cuomo and Matilda Cuomo. Both of his parents are of Italian descent. 

Chris Cuomo Career

Cuomo was the correspondent and political analyst for Fox News and Fox Files during his early career days. He also made several appearances on CNBC, CNN, MSNBC.

Cuomo anchored the Good Morning America show from 2006 to 2009. He covered the morning and evening coverage for the live broadcast of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Sago Mine collapse, and the Minneapolis bridge collapse.

Cuomo owned a website called “Cuomo on the Case” and two weekly digital programs: The real deal and Focused on Faith. 

In September 2021, Shelley Ross, Cuomo’s former boss, accused him of sexual harassment. Admitting to the incident, Cuomo denied it to be sexual. He said he “apologized to her then, and I meant it.”

Chris Cuomo Wife

Cuomo married Christina Greeven in 2001, who is a magazine editor. Christina and Cuomo are parents to three children. 

Chris Cuomo net worth

As of now, Chris Cuomo’s net worth is calculated to be $12 million. This also comes with information about his monthly salary to be around $1 million. 

Chris Cuomo’s net worth in 2019 and 2020 was claimed to be $10 million and $11 million, respectively. 

Chris Cuomo age

With his birth year 1970, Cuomo is 51 years of age as of 2021. 

Chris Cuomo Achievements and awards

Chris Cuomo received a News Emmy for his Good Morning America profile. Cuomo was nominated for Emmy Awards several times. 

Cuomo received Edward R Murrow Award for breaking news coverage. For television deadline business reporting, Cuomo won Gerald Loeb Award. 

The American Bar Association has awarded Cuomo for his excellent work investigating juvenile justice.  

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