Chris Sky Arrested In Winnipeg – Full Details inside

Chris Sky Arrested In Winnipeg - Full Details inside

A prominent anti-mask and anti-lockdown activist in Canada was arrested in Winnipeg while attending a “Vaxxed or Unvaxxed” rally. Christopher Saccoccia, who goes by the alias “Chris Sky”, was a speaker at the rally held at the University of Winnipeg.

About Chris Sky

Chris sky is an anti-mandate, anti-vaccine activist who is a rather well-known face in Canada. He is the son of a renowned developer in the city of Vaugh named Art Saccoccia, who owns Sky Homes Corporation. Chris Sky holds the belief that public health care measures are often unconstitutional and forcefully violates basic human rights. He arranges group activities across Canada to invite people to participate in civil disobedience against government-mandated health care measures. He has his own group and refers to the group activities as “freedom convoy” and the rallies as “freedom rallies”. After the outbreak of Covid, Chris Sky founded a group called ” Mothers against Distancing” to hold protests against the Covid Health Care measures issued by the Ontario Government and Toronto Public Health. He has been a dedicated organiser of cross-country public demonstrations against Covid rules and regulations.

Reason Of Arrest

Chris Sky has prior police records and has been previously arrested. He was also charged with the Quarantine Act after he attended an Anti-Mask event held in Ireland on September 20. On October 9, he was arrested by the RCMP for being the perpetrator of a disturbance during his flight to Moncton. The Toronto Police had also charged Chris for arranging large public gatherings across the city on the 23rd of January. Flair Airlines had placed him on the No-Fly list and had not allowed him to board the plane while he was on his way to attend anti-mask events in Alberta. He was arrested in Thunder Bay and charged under Emergency Management and Civil Protection on the 18 th of April. It does not stop here. On April 29th the Manitoba Government-issued Chris Sky with two fines each worth $1,296 for attending a rally in Winnipeg. He also joined an Italian online movement against Covid healthcare and prevention measures, called Mattonisti. Furthermore, Chris was also alleged to have told anti-mask advocate Rob Carbone that he intended to shoot him and every premier in Canada including Doug Ford. After a narrow escape from getting arrested by the Toronto Police, he turned himself in and was accused of multiple charges including utterance of death threats, assault of an officer and dangerous operation of a vehicle.

Chris Sky posted a video of himself on Twitter inviting the Winnipeg police into arresting him while announcing that he would hold the rally in Winnipeg and will be speaking at the rally. A video later revealed that the police were waiting to arrest Chris around the same place where the video was shot. Chris later accused the police of arresting him on a fake and fraudulent warrant.

The police claimed that this warrant was issued against him back in May after not complying with Self-isolation rules and attending a prohibited public gathering of more than 10 people outdoors in April.

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