Cliff Sims Net Worth- Wife, Age, Height and More

Cliff Sims

Cliff Sims is an American Entrepreneur, Former communications director, and also a special assistant to President Donald Trump. Cliff was born on 17th February 1984 in Alabama, United States Of America.

Recently Cliff was in the news everywhere after publishing his book which was titled “Team of Vipers: My 500 extraordinary days in the Trump white house. He published his book on 29th January 2019.

Cliff Sims
Recently Cliff was in the news everywhere after publishing his book which was titled “Team of Vipers: My 500 extraordinary days in the Trump white house

After his book got published he was criticized a lot by Donald Trump through his Twitter account.

Not only this, but Donald Trump also claimed that the content mentioned in the book is completely false. Trump said he barely remembers such lower-grade staff and named Cliff amongst them.

Cliff has also been accused by Michael Glassner of claiming wrong things like signing the non-closure agreement. Michael said that he is preparing to file a legal suit against the author. Cliff is also blamed for not following the NDA for Trump’s campaign which resulted in many accusations.

Cliff Sims Personal Details

The height of Cliff Sims is 6 feet and 0 inches. He weighs 73 kg. His eyes are blue in color. He has brown hair. He likes Travelling and reading. While his favorite food is Italian and his favorite destination is Paris.

Cliff Sims Family

Cliff completed his high school education at a private school in Alabama. He then took admitted to Delta State University and was a good basketball player as well. He also completed his bachelor’s degree in political science from the University Of Alabama.

Cliff also participated in the campaign of Alabama State Rep Berry Morre in the year 2010. His parent’s names are Dwayne Sims ( Father) and Brenda Sims ( mother)

Cliff was the founder of the “Yellowhammer” company. The position he held was of the chief operating officer. Before this, he was a conservative political blogger.

At present, the company presents a statewide news site wherein cliff hosts a daily radio show. Earlier he was also a recording artist and also performed in bands like “Moses” and “Color Academy”

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Cliff built a very good connection with former U.S Senator Jeff Sessions therefore he got a golden opportunity to campaign for Trump. After leaving Yellowhammer Cliff served as an advisor to President Donald Trump.

Cliff Sims Wife

Cliff Sims got married to his girlfriend Megan.

Cliff Sims Net Worth

The approximate Net Worth of Cliff is said to be around $ 8,50,000 USD.

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