Clinton campaign paid a tech firm to infiltrate Trump Tower – Durham investigation reveals

According to a filing by Special Counsel John Durham, lawyers for the Clinton campaign compensated a technology company to “infiltrate” servers belonging to Trump Tower and also the White House, in order to establish an “inference” and “narrative” to present to the government agencies linking Donald Trump to Russia.

On Feb. 11, Durham filed a petition focusing on potential conflicts of interest linked to longtime Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann’s representation.

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According to the accusation against Sussmann, in September 2016, less than two months before the 2016 presidential election, he assured then-FBI General Counsel James Baker that he was not conducting work “for any client.” He then sought and had a conversation in which he showed “purported material and ‘white papers’ that supposedly revealed a covert communications channel” between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank. This had direct links to the Kremlin.

Durham’s revelations regarding the case

Sussmann “had compiled and relayed the charges to the FBI on behalf of at least two particular clients, including a technology executive and the Clinton campaign,” according to Durham’s filing.

Sussmann and the tech executive met and talked with the law associate who was functioning as General Counsel for the Clinton campaign. According to Fox News, the lawyer is Marc Elias, who formerly worked at Perkins Coie.

Durham investigation reveals that the Clinton campaign paid a tech firm to get into Trump Tower's servers
Durham investigation reveals that the Clinton campaign paid a tech firm to get into Trump Tower’s servers

The filing states, “In connection with these efforts, Tech Executive-1 exploited his access to non-public and/or proprietary Internet data. Tech Executive-1 also enlisted the assistance of researchers in the U.S.-based university who were receiving and analyzing large amounts of Internet data in connection with a pending federal government cybersecurity research contract.”

Durham says, “Tech Executive-1 tasked these researchers to mine Internet data to establish ‘an inference’ and ‘narrative’ tying then-candidate Trump to Russia.” 

The Clinton campaign paid a tech firm to frame Trump
The Clinton campaign paid a tech firm to frame Trump

“In doing so, Tech Executive-1 indicated that he was seeking to please certain ‘VIPs,’ referring to individuals at Law Firm-1 and the Clinton campaign,” he adds.

Sussmann allegedly supplied “an updated collection of claims” to a second US government agency in 2017, including the Russian bank data and new charges about Trump, according to the document.

Trump’s reaction to the case

Durham’s filing, according to Donald Trump, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that his campaign and administration were spied on. These ‘spies’ were paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign in order to establish a Russia link.

Trump claims that the scam was far bigger and more serious than Watergate.

Trump claims that the scam was far bigger and more serious than Watergate and that individuals who were engaged in or knew about the espionage program should face criminal charges.

Furthermore, he said that in a more powerful period of the country’s history, that offence would have been punished by death. Finally, Trump stated that reparations should be made to individuals who have been harmed in the nation.

Prominent Republicans’ reaction to the case

According to Kash Patel, the filing proves that the Hillary Clinton campaign financed and directed its attorneys at Perkins Coie to create a criminal enterprise to establish a link between Trump and Russia.

Kash Patel
Kash Patel

Kash Patel went on to say, “Per Durham, this arrangement was put in motion in July of 2016, meaning the Hillary Clinton campaign and her lawyers masterminded the most intricate and coordinated conspiracy against Trump when he was both a candidate and later President of the United States while simultaneously perpetuating the bogus Steele Dossier hoax.”

Sussmann also conveyed the “false narrative” to US federal agencies “with the hopes of them launching investigations into President Trump,” according to Patel.

About John H Durham

From 2018 until 2021, John Henry Durham was the United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut (D.C.). By April 2019, he’d been assigned to look at the beginnings of the FBI’s investigation into Russian election meddling in 2016. On that subject, he was named special counsel for the Department of Justice, a post he currently maintains.

He is most recognized for his position as special prosecutor in the 2005 destruction of CIA interrogation recordings (CIA). Durham was the acting US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia from 2008 until 2012.

John H Durham
John H Durham

President Donald Trump nominated him to be the United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut on November 1, 2017. The Senate confirmed his nomination by voice vote on February 16, 2018. On February 22, 2018, he was sworn in. On October 19, 2020, Attorney General William Barr quietly designated Durham Special Counsel. Durham resigned as United States Attorney on February 28, 2021. President Joe Biden urged the remaining 56 Trump-appointed US Attorneys to retire in February 2021. As of September 2021, he is still Special Counsel.

Durham is “press-shy,” according to CNN, and is notorious for avoiding the media. He was reportedly described by US Attorney Deirdre Daly as “tireless, fair, and aggressive.” John Durham’s personal life is kept private due to his reclusive nature.

About Michael Sussmann

Michael A. Sussmann is a former prosecutor and lawyer at Perkins Coie, where he specialized in privacy and cybersecurity law.

Michael Sussmann
Michael Sussmann

Sussmann defended the Democratic National Committee (DNC), which hired CrowdStrike to investigate its computers after two Russian hacking organizations broke into the DNC’s networks and seized data.




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