Colors Naagin Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot, & Spoilers

Naagin Season 5

In what comes as fantabulous news for fans across the country after a few awful months in lockdown, Colors is all set to bring in it’s extremely hit surreal show Naagin for a fifth season! The show is making headlines every day and fans cannot wait to fetch up on more details! They are extremely curious and ardently waiting for Naagin Season 5’s Plot and Storyline, Release Date, and the Star Cast for the fifth season. 

This one definitely promises to come back bigger and stronger after the ongoing pandemonium and throw you into their world to explore it, which will certainly make you feel a variety of emotions. It is one of the most successful TV series with surrealistic elements in it and Ekta Kapoor doesn’t seem like she’s going to stop!

Colors Naagin Season 5 Plot 

As per the sources, Ekta Kapoor is all set to come back with a fresher and new perspective with several new levels of surrealism that will make the audience’s mind boggle! It’s going to be much more creative with certain out of the box thinking. 

The first look of sorts has already been released 

by its creative director and the fans are going crazy over it! It is quite mysterious and dark and has left fans all over the country curious and intrigued. 

Colors Naagin Season 5 Release Date 

According to a very rare yet important source, the remaining of the episodes left to finish the narrative of the 4th season will end once things start settling in. The government of Maharashtra has already allowed the film city to function and Ekta Kapoor has seemed to embrace this decision with both hands. 

Once this already infamous season ends, Ekta Kapoor will launch the fifth one right after! There are no official reports by the creators of the show confirming the same, yet it is pretty safe to speculate this as of now.

Colors Naagin Season 5 Cast 

Out of this world news for Naagin’s fans is that the iconic Hina Khan will star in the fifth season alongside Surbhi Chandna! Hina Khan is of the most eminent TV actresses of all time, having played a few remarkable roles in the past. Her fans are eagerly waiting to see her back on the TV screens. 

Her partner Surbhi Chandna is all set to play the role of Naagin, as it absolutely suits her personality and it is going to be life-like! Also, rumors are that Karan Patel has been approached for the fifth season too! Imagine a star studded cast for a TV serial, it is obviously bound to be hit, isn’t it? 

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