Common Ways Students Avoid Plagiarism Detection

Common Ways! Students Use to Avoid Plagiarism Detection

We are living in an era where technology is offering modern students to access more information than ever. When writing assignments are assigned to students, many of them choose to cheat by using technology. They cheat to save their time, to get secured from planning, to simply being safe from overloaded by homework and social stress. Well, whatever the reason is, cheating still disagrees with academic honesty and educational laws.

In today’s post, we are going to learn what tricks students used to avoid plagiarism detection and what are the best ways for teachers to prevent this rising issue. So, let’s get into it without any delays!

4 Tricks that a Student used to Avoid Plagiarism Detection

Many students are putting a lot of effort and creativity into deceiving on writing. They are generally using other’s work to make some changes in that, so it becomes plagiarism-free. Modern instructors and teachers have pointed out a few common tracks that a student uses to cheat. According to reports, the following are the common ways to avoid plagiarism detection:

  • Letter Alteration.
  • Composing References.
  • Addition of White Text.
  • Modification of formats.

Let’s discuss all the mentioned above terms in detail so that we can understand them better!

Letter Alteration

means using letter copies from other wording. For example, students take someone else’s document, and before passing it off as their own, they rewrite every English letter with Cyrillic letters that seem the same. This way, they can fool a basic plagiarism checker.

Composing References

Many students add non-existing or irrelevant references to their assignments instead of taking time to explore the necessary ones. For example, a student writes a story on Romeo and Juliet, and instead of referring to real objection to the work, they compose fake references. Many times, they also state original references with fake page numbers. A reference provided by the student could be relevant to the topic but not support the student’s concepts with the references.

Addition of White Text

Sometimes, students add outstanding white-colored text to cover plagiarism. They add various characters and spaces in white text so that the teacher does not detect them. Besides, a basic plagiarism checker will also not be able to uncover them either.

Modification of Formats

Students who get smart in a bad way many times present assignments in the form of an image so that a teacher cannot check it into the anti-plagiarism software. However, a teacher will read the work and grade it, but they are unable to accurately check the work with any tool. It is the explanation of why educators require a specific paper format.

Preventing Plagiarism Issues with Modern Tools and Techniques 

Now it’s time to talk about the most valuable thing! Plagiarism is the most powerful problem that can ruin anybody’s reputation and efforts. Whether you are a teacher, student, writer, or anyone else. If we don’t take it negatively, then we want to let our readers know that sometimes this plagiarism can also be unintentional. However, in each case, there’s a need for a high-quality plagiarism tool that pots efforts on accuracy.
If you are struggling to find a top-quality plagiarism detector, then you have landed on the perfect post! We have tested thousands of tools and collected the best ones in the following list. Just take a look!

  • DupliChecker
  • Grammarly 



It is the best free plagiarism checker that can add perfection to anybody’s work. This similarity checker contains some brilliant techniques and handy features that are allowing a user to go for a plagiarism check without any hassle. It is a fast and easy to use copyright checker that doesn’t require any lengthy process. The smooth system of this plagiarism detector is incredible that can be operated on any device. The working of this tool is simple; all you need to do is access this tool by navigating to, paste your content text in their input box. After that, hit the check button. That’s it!


Here comes another popular tool to our list! If we are discussing the accurate checkers, then how can we miss Grammarly to add to our list? This tool is an old and excellent spot that resolves any problematic part of writing. This tool is a great tool that allows not only the plagiarism checking facility but also highlights the grammatical errors on the go. Once you add the text in their system, after scanning your entire content, this tool will display results with matched sources. Moreover, it will also show you if your text is facing grammar issues.

Final Thoughts

Plagiarism is the virus for education. Having access to more information can be a downside to technology. Some processes of stealing need so much expertise that teachers always wonder why wouldn’t a student put all this time and struggle into doing the actual work. Don’t let yourself be fooled, learn the basics, and pick the best free plagiarism checker to explore and expose the fake things!

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