Coronavirus Live Updates 27 June 2020: 18552 New Cases & 381 Deaths in Last 24 Hours

CoronaVirus Updates - 18552 new cases and 381 deaths in last 24 hours, 5 Lac cases crossed

CoronaVirus updates: 18,552 cases and 381 deaths due to coronvirus have been registered in the past 24 hours this made India cross the mark of 5 lac coronavirus patients. This a new record of the highest number of coronavirus cases surpassing the 17,296 cases which were registered on Friday.

2,95,917 patients have recovered so far with a death toll of 15,689, India currently has a recovery rate of 58.13%, which means that around 6 out of every 10 patients are recovering.

Coronavirus Live updates – World

Around the world, there are 9.76 million confirmed cases with 4.92 million recoveries and 4,93,000 deaths that means around 1,386 people per million people have been infected around the world. U.S.A has the highest number of coronavirus cases i.e 2.51 Million cases with 7,71,000 recovered and 1,27,000 deaths Brazil is the second worst-hit country with over 1.28 Million cases with 6,98,000 recoveries and 56,109 deaths.

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Coronavirus live Updates – India

Maharashtra has been worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic in India with 1,52,765 cases, 79,815 recoveries, and 7106 deaths followed by the national capital- Delhi with 77,240 cases, 47,091 recoveries, and 2,492 deaths. Tamil Nadu is the third worst hit by the coronavirus with 74,622 cases, 41,357 recoveries, and 957 deaths.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Most common symptoms:
  1. tiredness
  2. fever
  3. dry cough

Less common symptoms:

  1. diarrhoea
  2. headache
  3. aches and pains
  4. a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes
  5. sore throat
  6. conjunctivitis
  7. loss of taste or smell
Serious symptoms:
  1. difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  2. chest pain or pressure
  3. loss of speech or movement

Stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands frequently, and vibe high! Don’t let coronavirus win over you.

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