World - Coronavirus Live Updates: India has 61.39% of Recovery Rate & 1.49% Mortality Rate

Coronavirus Live Updates: India has 61.39% of Recovery Rate & 1.49% Mortality Rate

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COVID-19 India News: By enrolling 15,413 new cases in the last 24 hours, more than 4.10 Lakhs of claimed diseases are now listed in India. Of these, 1.69,451 are vibrant and 2.27,755 patients have just been discharged. 

With 306 passes, the current number of victims is 13,254. Just because since its founding on June 21, 2015, the Yoga Day Festival will be held almost because of the coronavirus. The present year's topic is "Yoga at home and yoga with the family."

Addressing the country at the International Yoga Day event, Prime Minister Modi underlined the need for the security to combat this infection, saying that the world needs yoga more than ever in recent times due to the crown pandemic.

"If we can adjust our harmonies of well-being and expectation, the day is not far off when the world will observe the achievement of solid and joyous humanity. Yoga can help us do this," he said.

Worldwide, more than 8.7 million cases have been recorded, while the infection has killed 4.6 million people.

Even though the World Health Organization warned that the pandemic was "accelerating," it was idealistic that vaccines could be accessible before the end of this year.

There are 410k+ confirmed cases in India in which 228k patience is recovered and the country has seen 13,254+ deaths due to COVID-19.  Reading about the states which are severely damaged by corona crises

Maharashtra ranks 1st with 128k confirmed case in which the recovery rate is 61,153 and 5,984 people have died here due to COVID-19.

Tamil Nadu has also witnessed huge differences in the graph where there are 56845+ cases with a recovery rate of 31,316 and the state has reported 704+ deaths.  

Uttar Pradesh has 16, 594 patients in which 9,995 is recovered and 507 peoples have died.

Gujrat has 26,680 active patients in which 31,294 are recovered and 1,638 are Reported dead. These data were of some of the states with highest COVID-19 active patients

17:52 (IST)

22 JUN 2020

Chandigarh total cases mounts to 404 now 

The total number of Cornavirus positive cases in Chandigarh is now 404, including 82 active cases, 6 deaths and 316 cured cases: Chandigarh Health Department

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