Coronavirus Update: India is the 2nd most affected country from COVID-19

COVID-19 India Update

Coronavirus Update: India is the 2nd most-affected country from COVID-19: Its been almost a year, the coronavirus havoc is still torturing the world, the dreadful pandemic has nearly destroyed every country in the world. After taking billions of life, the COVID-19 devastation is still irritating the globe. The Novel Coronavirus has reached in every part of the country, and the Virus has affected the USA most; after the USA, India is the most affected country from COVID-19.

The cases in India are growing day by day; recently, the government decided to consider lockdown in the country, but there is still no positive outcome. India is a land of diversity; there are several religions, cultures in India. The government is the largest democratic country in the world. India stands second in the list of most populated countries in the world. After China, India is the second sizeable populated country in the world.

Coronavirus Update India

The fight from India against Coronavirus is appreciated throughout the world; several western countries believe that India is the only country that can invent the COVID-19 vaccine. As I mentioned above, the country is one of the world’s most populated countries; defeating the Covid-19 threat is not an easy task.

The Virus is growing day by day within the country, and the country is witnessing a massive number of COVID-19 positive cases every day. With more than 47,704 positive cases in India every day, the number of COVID-19 infected people in India has reached almost 15 lakhs.

Location Confirmed Recovered Deaths
Tamil Nadu
Andhra Pradesh

India Coronavirus Cases

The recovery rate in India is 9,2,52,743, and 33,425 people have been reported dead because of the Coronavirus outbreak in the country. However, the fatality form COVID is 2.28% in the country and, if compared with the global average, is 4%. There are a total number of 14,83,157 positive cases in India. Among these, 9,52,744 infected people are already recovered, and if we talk about death due to COVID, then the number is 33,425.

Sunday’s recoveries are one of the largest recoveries in a single day. Thirty-five thousand one hundred seventy-five patients with COVID-19 were cured and discharged in the last 24 hours. The recovery rate is 63.92%. The gap between active and recovered patients has crossed 4 lakh and is currently at 4.55,755.

The Government of India has decided to carry more than 5 lakh COVID-19 tests per day. The outcome of this test is sever as the country is witnessing a considerable number of COVID-19 positive people in the country. There were 5,28,00 samples tested on the 27th of July, and these samples have been tested within 24 hours, the cumulative test is

The most extensive test to date of an experimental COVID-19 vaccine began Monday. The first of some 30,000 Americans rolled up their sleeves to receive vaccines created by the US government as part of the global race to stop the pandemic. Dr. E Venkat Rao, principal investigator of the trial process stated that However, talking about India Covaxin, the vaccine created by Bharat Biotech, has been considered to several people who wished to participate in the trial.

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