Criminal: UK season 2 release date, where to watch online, cast, storyline, and more details:

Criminal: UK season 2 release date

Criminal: UK series is a Netflix police series based in 4 countries. Each of these contains three episodes and is available in 4 countries: France, Germany, Spain, and the UK. The showrunners of the show Criminal: the UK are George Kay and Jim Field Smith. The Idotlamp production produces the series. There are fascinating factors to the story and the cast about Criminal: the UK that we shall see today.

Criminal: UK season 2 release date and where to watch online?

Criminal: UK season 2 released on the 16th of September 2020. The series is available on Netflix for the audiences to stream online. Even the first season of the series is available on Netflix. But only the second season for the country UK is available so far. The dates for the release in other countries like France, Germany, and Spain have not been revealed yet. The first season of the series contains three episodes, while the second season includes 4 episodes. Watch the trailer for Criminal: the UK season 2 below.

Criminal: UK season 2 cast:

Katherine Kelly – Detective Inspector Natalie Hobbs
Lee Ingleby – Detective Inspector Tony Myerscough
Mark Stanley – Detective Constable Hugo Duffy
Rochenda Sandall – Detective Constable Vanessa Warren
Shubham Saraf – Detective Constable Kyle Petit
Sophie Okonedo – Julia Bryce
Kit Harington – Alex
Sharon Horgan – Danielle Dunne
Kunal Nayyar – Sandeep Singh
Aymen Hamdouchi – Detective Sergeant Jamie Reiss

Criminal: UK season 2 plot / Storyline:

Season 2 of the series is set within the four walls of a police station. The series’s setting is confined to a police interrogation room where all of the investigations are ongoing. A game of cat and mouse is being conducted. The London investigators engage in psychological games with the suspects to find the answers they need to solve the case. Netflix’s description of the series is as follows, “Within the walls of an interrogation room, Landon investigators question suspects. The ones accused of grievous crimes until the truth comes to light.”

Criminal: UK season 2 episode titles:

The first season of the series contains only three episodes for each country. However, the second season of the series four episodes which are titled as follows:

Criminal: UK season 2 facts:

The series airs in 4 countries, which are Spain, UK, France, and Germany. The remarkable attribute of this series is with every country, the cast of the series changes. But the complete shooting of the series is done in Madrid, Spain. The language of the movie also changes according to the country the series releases. The series is available on Netflix for all the viewers to enjoy. And this is all that we have on Criminal: UK season 2. To learn more on this topic, stay tuned to world wire.

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