Netflix’s Curon Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Spoiler, Trailer, & What to Expect Next?

Revolving around a mysterious, cursed, dreadful, and an eerie town in Italy, Curon is a dark, psychological-thriller that first premiered on Netflix in the US. It is filled with mystical and mind-boggling and occurrences that the people of this small Italian town have to experience. An amalgamation of ‘Dark’ and ‘Ragnarok’, it’s enthralling storyline promises to not leave your mind right since the first episode itself.

It will force you to put yourself in their shoes and experience those dreadful emotions by yourselves, that’s how intriguing it is! That being said, for those of you fans who have already finished experiencing the roller coaster ride of emotions, that the first season has to offer, are you curiously waiting for a 2nd Season already? Read on! 

Curon Season 2 Release Date 

The first season of this full of surprises-package premiered on Netflix from the 10th of June. Here’s the deal, those of you who have already feast your eyes on Curon’s first season will realize that it is actually on a very satisfactory note. Yet, that being said, there is enough scope already for a new outing in that terrifying Italian town. 

What will really matter is the audience reviews, how they rate the storyline, how will it fare in the eyes of critics etc .As of now, the good news is that both fans and critics are extremely content and happy, so the reviews are absolutely positive. All this just makes us more hopeful for a second season! So, it makes it upon Netflix to confirm a season 2 with its makers and ultimately, we shall expect the Curon Season 2 by 2022!

Curon Season 2 Plot and Spoilers 

Curon is particularly framed through Anna’s lense- a woman who returns to her hometown after 17 long years. As soon as she arrives in the family owned hotel, she disappears into thin air. Her children Daria and Mauro go on a quest to find her, gradually to find out the utterly astounding family legacy and how cursed their town is. While Mauro is blind,her sister Daria-despite having a complicated relationship with her mom will go on to any extent to protect her and her Naive brother. 

Curon Season 2

Curon Season 2 What to Expect?

As the narrative unfolds slowly and gradually, we find our young teens taking control of the storyline and they find mysteries unraveling eventually. Despite all this, the seventh episode of this brilliantly casted series wraps up on a high note, pulling all the strings together to perfection.

What we expect in the coming season is that the twins will delve deeper into the oceans, figure out more terrifying details about this cursed town and try to put pieces together. All this leaves so much room for you to think about what could happen, so take your mind off to that Italian village and think about what would you do if you were the creator of the show, all this until they come up with a second season! 

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