Cursed in Love Release Date, Plot, Cast, & Where to Watch: Channel, Date, & Time (Schedule)

Cursed in Love

Cursed in love is a Japanese drama that is directed by Naoko Komuro, Ryuichi Inomata, Hiroto Akashi, Itaru Mizuno, and is written by  Natsumi Ando (manga), Rin Eto. Cursed in Love will take over NTV’s Wednesday 22:00 time slot that was previously occupied by “The Pride of the Temp.”

Cursed In Love Release Date

Cursed in love is a Japanese drama that will be released on the 12th of August 2020 and will air on the NTV network. The series will run for an hour every Wednesday between the time slot of 22:00-23:00. The series is a romantic drama but also follows a different story about finding the mystery of a dead person.

Cursed In Love Cast

Minami Hamabe – Nao Hanaoka

Ryusei Yokohama – Tsubaki Takatsuki

Mahiro Takasugi – Yusuke Jojima

Yukino Kishii – Shiori Hasegawa

Soko Wada – Koichi Yamaguchi

Takashi Okabe – Masaru Tomioka

Kou Maehara – Daigo Abe

Taisei Kusano – Ayato Sugita

Ikusaburo Yamazaki – Kaoru Takigawa

Risa Sudo – Yuko Miyabe

Yuri Nakamura – Yuriko Okura

Nobuyuki Suzuki – Itsuki Takatsuki

Shiro Sano – Sojyuro Takatsuki

Cursed in Love Plot

Cursed in love is a Japanese drama that revolves around the story of Nao and Tsubaki. They are each other’s teenage love, and Tsubaki’s father owns a sweet shop where Nao’s mother work, and thus, this is how they met. One day Tsubaki’s father gets murdered, and the blame goes on Nao’s mother, who goes under investigation and dies in the process. And this is when Nao is taken away in another city. But Noa and Tsubaki meet at a sweet making event where he gets impressed by her skills and proposes her right there.

Tsubaki doesn’t recognize her, and Nao, on the other hand, decides to say yes so that she can get inside his house and prove that her mother is innocent. But what will happen when Tsubaki will get to know her identity and when she finally reveals who she is? How will get reach, and what will be his response is something that show will carry on in its episodes. Will the murder be solved? And what change will in bring in the lives of Nao and Tsubaki will reveal in the series Cursed in love.


The Japanese drama Cursed in love will be released on the 12th of August 2020 and will air on the NTV network. The series will air every Wednesday, following a once a week pattern. Each episode will run for an hour and will surely grip you with an exciting storyline and fantastic cast. And for more information on Korean Dramas, web series, Tv serials and entertainment news, stay tuned to World Wire.

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