Latest News - USA - Darwin T20 Cricket League 2020: Live Full Schedule, Date, Indian Time Table

Darwin T20 Cricket League 2020: Live Full Schedule, Date, Indian Time Table

Australian team announced for Test series against India; five new players get chance

Darwin T20 Cricket League 2020: Over two months after a coronavirus-constrained shutdown, Australia will witness the resumption of serious cricket alongside fans in the stands when a T20 competition begins this end of the week at Darwin. 

The CDU Top End T20, a collaborative effort T20 jubilee including 15 games over the Queen’s Birthday long end of the week on June 6-8, will furthermore commemorate up to 500 spectators allowed at the grounds since Northern Territory has not registered any useful COVID-19 case since May 21. 

The competition, including seven Darwin Premier Grade clubs and an Invitational XI containing the best players from the Northern Territory’s ‘Asia Cup‘ rivalry, will be a testing ground for cricket in a COVID-19 condition. 

On March 13, Australia and New Zealand had played the last universal cricket coordinate conceivable before the COVID-19 pandemic constrained a cricket shutdown over the globe.

Darwin T20 Cricket League 2020:Take a look at the complete schedule

Darwin T20 Cricket League 2020
Darwin T20 Cricket League 2020

  • CDU Top End 2020 (6th to 8th T20 Series)
  • Match Time (in IST)

06-Jun-20 Cajalis Oval Palmerston vs Darwin 5.30 am

06-Jun-20 MCG 2 Sath District vs Tracy Village 5.30 am

06-Jun-20 MCG Waratah vs Nightcliff 5.30 am.

06-Jun-20 MCG 1 PINT vs Invitation XI 10.00 am

06-Jun-20 MCG 2 Tracy Village vs Darwin 10.00 am

04-June-20 Cazalis Oval Sath Districts vs Palmerston at 10:00

07-Jun-20 MCG 2 Nightcliffe vs Invitation XI 5.30 am

07-Jun-20 MCG 1 Sth District vs Darwin 5.30 am

07-Jun-20 Garden Oval Punt vs Waratah 5.30 pm

07-Jun-20 MCG 1 Palmerston vs Tracy Village at 10.00

07-Jun-20 MCG 2 Pint vs Nightclub 10.00 am

07-Jun-20 Garden Oval Waratah Vs Invitation XI 10.00 am

08-Jun-20 Semifinal 2 MCG at 5.30 pm

08-June-20 Semifinal 1 MCG 5.30 am

08-Jun-20 CDU Top & T20 Final at 10.00 pm

 Darwin and District One-Day Season (June 13 20 – 19 September 20)

Darwin T20 Cricket League 2020
Darwin T20 Cricket League 2020

Date Match Time (in IST)

13-Jun-20 Southern District v BYE TBD 6.30 am

13-June-20 Waratah We Pint Garden Oval 7.30 pm

13-Jun-20 Tracy Village vs Nightcliff Tracy Village Oval at 7.30

13-June-20 Palmerston v Darwin Kajlis Oval 6.30 am

20-Jun-20 Southern District V PINT Fred’s Pass 6.30 am

20-Jun-20 Darwin vs Nightcliff Kahlin Oval at 7.30 pm

20-June-20 Waratah V Palmerston Garden Oval 6.30 am

20-June-20 Tracy Village v BYE TBD 6.30 am

27-Jun-20 PINT v Tracy Village Marra (MCG 1) 6.30 am

2-Jun-20 Darwin vs Waratah Kathleen Oval at 7.30 pm

2-Jun-20 Nightcliff V Southern District Nightclub Oval 7.30 pm

27-Jun-20 Palmerston v BYE TBD 6.30 am

04-Jul-20 Palmerston v Pint Cazalys Oval 6.30 am

04-Jul-20 Nightcliff V Waratah Nightcliff Oval at 7.30 pm

04-Jul-20 Tracy Village v Southern District Tracy Village Oval 6.30 am

04-Jul-20 Darwin v BYE TBD 6.30 am

11-Jul-20 Southern District v Darwin Fred’s Pass 6.30 am

11-Jul-20 Nightcliff v Palmerston Nightcliff Oval 6.30 am

11-Jul-20 Tracy Village v Waratah Tracy Village Oval 6.30 am

11-Jul-20 PINT v BYE TBD 6.30 am

18-Jul-20 Waratah v Southern District Park Oval 6.30 am

18-Jul-20 PINT v Darwin Marra (MCG 1) 6.30 am

18-Jul-20 Palmerston V Tracy Village Cajalis Oval 6.30 am

18-Jul-20 Nightclub v BYE TBD 6.30 am

25-Jul-20 Darwin v Tracy Village Kathleen Oval 6.30 am

25-Jul-20 Southern District v Palmerston Fred’s Pass 6.30 am

25-Jul-20 PINT v Nightclub

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