Day of Rage- Watch the Capitol Riot Documentary

Capitol riot

This one-and-a-half-hour documentary about the capitol riot is an intimate story that features first-hand accounts by rioters, protesters, and lawmakers.

It provides authentic, intimate glimpses into the people’s lives involved in the riot. It features never-before-seen footage of the riot and insanely vivid first-hand accounts. The documentary is beautifully shot and focuses on the facts of the riot and the emotional side as well. Four Hours at The Capitol” beautifully presents and encapsulates the entire day of the riot.

It intensely presents how the capital security was overwhelmed, and the rioters were angered. It provides a gut-wrenching and intense view of the emotional side of the riot with first-hand emotional accounts of people involved with it.

The documentary provides an unfiltered look at how the insurrection escalated exceptionally quickly, and violence grew inside the minds of the rioters. Four Hours at the Capitol is presented in association with the BBC, produced and directed by Jamie Roberts, edited by Will Grayburn, and executive produced by Dan Reed.

Trailer of the movie/documentary

The trailer of this documentary is available on YouTube on the HBO channel. It boasts an excellent 6.9/10 in IMDb, 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 70% on Metacritic.

Helpful Reviews

The documentary is filled with several personal accounts by numerous writers, lawmakers, and capital police. Are some of the reviews by top critics on Rotten tomatoes.

Carol Midgley from The Times UK succinctly sums up the entire documentary in one word, “Outstanding.

Lucy Mangan from the guardian quotes, “The underlying collective testimony furnished by Four Hours at the Capitol is that the age of Trump has not yet ended – and the true day of reckoning in the United States is still to come.” 

Richard Roeper from The Chicago Sun-Times says, “A powerful documentary that takes no sides…”

Sophie Gilbert from the Atlantic quotes, “Four Hours lets its subjects speak without interjection or correction, a decision that seems to respect its audience’s ability to reason out the logical gaps.”

Mick LaSalle from the San Francisco Chronicle says, “A documentary that doesn’t have the stomach to tell the story of what happened on Jan. 6 explicitly and to express the real threat to American democracy that that day represents is of no use to anybody,” and gives a 1/5 rating.

Daniel D’Addario from Variety says,

The imagery of destruction and assault is powerful on its terms; it’s in building the story of the participants’ motives and actions that Four Hours at the Capitol falters, making what could have been a definitive document into a deeply flawed one,” and gives a ripe rating.

Here are some of the user reviews from IMDB. “This gripping 90-minute documentary showed what happened at first hand that day with a mobile phone, police body-cam, and interior CCTV footage showing the rioters’ violent rampage into the once-hallowed building, overrunning in the process the thinly-spread official police protection on duty that day. Chronicled as it happened, with contributions from all sides of the divide, this was riveting to watch as the viewer is effectively given a box seat at the heart of the action. There is actual footage shown of the shooting of the female insurgent, although surprisingly nothing of the widely publicized break-In to the office of the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.” 

How to watch Four Hours at the Capitol?

You can watch the Four Hours at the Capitol documentary on HBO. You will need a subscription to watch this documentary as it is not available for free.

About Capitol Riot

The former US President Donald Trump did not concede his defeat in the 2020 US Presidential elections. Biden was elected as the President in 2020. This came as a shock to Trump supporters and Trump himself.

This defeat led to much hate and conspiracy theories, as Trump called this a stolen election. To overturn the 2020 Presidential elections result, Trump supporters got agitated and marched towards the US Capitol.

The main motive was to disrupt the joint session of congress that was counting the electoral votes. This all started when Trump lost the elections to Joe Biden and could not concede.

Trump’s Support 

Trump supporters gathered in Washington DC a day earlier. Called to action by Trump, thousands of people marched towards the Capitol, forming a ‘Save America’ rally on 6th January. Trump repeatedly claimed that the elections were stolen throughout the rally. He said, “If you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.”

After Trump completed his speech, many people broke police rules and got injured. Many causalities were also reported.

Mike Pence, the former Vice President, had conceded the defeat. He didn’t support the false claims of a stolen election. As a result, the agitated crowd (rioters) also shouted, “Hang Mike Pence.”

The rioters captured the building and started attacking police officers, lawmakers. They also looted the offices of members of Congress. Pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails were discovered at the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee headquarters.

Also, bombs were discovered in the vehicles nearby the Capitol. Later, in a Twitter video, Trump asserted that the Elections were “fraudulent.” However, he told his supporters to “go home in peace.”

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