Delete TikTok Now! 59 Chinese Apps Are Banned in India, Check Why?

Delete TikTok Now! 59 Chinese Apps Are Banned in India, Check Why?

The tension between India & China is now getting serious as the army of both nations is ready and steady in the border. On the other hand, the Indian people are doing the boycott of Chinese apps, mobiles, electronics, & other products. Now there is no need to worry about the Chinese apps and data as the Indian Government took the initiative and has banned the 59 Chinese apps for the uncertain time.

Sources are claiming that these apps were not good for the data & privacy of the user. Even some most famous apps are banned in India including TikTok & ShareIt. Now, this is big news for the users who were using these apps for a very long time. You must know that TikTok is one of the most popular Chinese apps which is famous in India in between youngsters. We think that this ban is going to be the hard slap on the face of China by Indian government.

TikTok is banned in India?

This isn’t the first time when the Chinese app TikTok has banned in India. This time the ban is quite serious as we all know that the situation of India and China is not that good. India has lost 20 solider in recent clashes at Ladakh while on the other hand, China has lost around 40 Solider though didn’t say that but American Interpol Agency has confirmed this.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information and Technology confirmed that all the apps which got banned in India because of the “security of data and risk to privacy”. Well, this is a big step by the Indian government. You all should know that the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre and the Ministry of Home Affairs have given the order to ban all the 59 apps in India. This is really very good news for the people and their data.

Delete TikTok Now

TikTok which is the famous “short video creating” app in India should be deleted from your mobile because the app can leak your data. Also, a lot of teenagers who are using the app are facing the issue like cyberbullying and the creators of the app haven’t done anything to protect kids or young adults.

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