Democrats Target Santos Seat to Cut GOP Majority

Democrats Target Santos Seat to Cut GOP Majority

Tuesday’s victory by Democratic former congressman Tom Suozzi in a special election for the U.S. House of Representatives in New York narrowed the already precarious Republican majority, which has had difficulty enacting legislation.

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Democrats Target Santos Seat to Cut GOP Majority

The House’s remarkable action of ousting Republican George Santos, whose confusing array of fables about his biography led to his being investigated on fraud charges, making the seat vacant.

Defeating Mazi Philip, a Republican county lawmaker from Ethiopia who had served in the Israeli military, Suozzi claimed the seat. The district comprises a small section of New York City and parts of its eastern suburbs.

Suozzi, while claiming his victory, had promised to collaborate with Republicans to find solutions to challenging issues, such as the migrant crisis at the southern border of the United States.

He declared in his victory speech that “the people of Queens and Long Island are sick and tired of political bickering.”

He added, “They want us to come together and solve problems.”

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Ahead of the anticipated rematch between former President Donald Trump and Joe Biden in November, immigration was a major topic. Pilip was seen attacking Suozzi and the Democratic Party for their alleged inability to regulate border crossings with Mexico.

Democrat Target Santos Seat to Cut GOP Majority


At the same time, Suozzi stated that Pilip’s criticism of him was deceptive and that she had not provided enough details about her plan to handle border security.

While acknowledging the need for more stringent regulations, Suozzi also slammed Republicans for turning down a Senate-negotiated border security agreement that fell apart.

While discussing the topic of abortion, which Democrats have made a priority ever since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the right nationwide in 2022, Suozzi took a dig and criticized Pilip. The criticism went back and forth.

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With this win, House Speaker Mike Johnson‘s majority is now down to 219–213, which makes it more challenging for him to control an unruly caucus.

His difficulties were visible last week when the chamber failed to approve a resolution to remove President Joe Biden’s chief border official, Alejandro Mayorkas.

Tuesday marked the second try at passage of the bill in the House, with No. 2 Republican Steve Scalise casting the deciding vote following his return from cancer treatment.

There will be more difficulties when Johnson chooses whether to consider a bill on aid to Ukraine that the Senate approved on Tuesday.

The New York district has functioned as a test ground for both parties ahead of the November election, which will determine control of both chambers of Congress and the presidency.

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