Details about A. J. Delgado and Jason Miller Son

Former Mediaite columnist A.J. Delgado joined Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in September 2016. She graduated from Harvard Law School and practiced law in New York City. In recent years, she has made many appearances on cable news. Delgado’s writings have appeared in The American Conservative, National Review, The Miami Herald, The Washington Post, Breitbart, The Daily Caller, and Fox News.

Arlene Delgado was born in Cuba in 1977. Media outlets do not know the exact date of this lady’s death. Her father was a driver, and her mother worked in a factory all her life. The general public does not know either of their names. In addition, we don’t know if she had any siblings.

About Jason miller

Jason “Mayhem” Miller, also known as Jason Nicholas Miller, was a popular mixed martial arts fighter from Fayetteville, North Carolina, until he retired in May 2012. He fought for multiple promoters in his career and developed a style of interacting with the crowd and entering matches more like the WWF/WWE than MMA.

From 2001-2005, he competed in the Welterweight division and won 11 bouts, including the Superbrawl Welterweight title. Also fought in the Middleweight division from 2005-2012 and fought in both the Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight divisions for one season in 2006. During his Middleweight career, he won 12 bouts. Having fought 33 times throughout his career, he now hosts the reality show “Bully Beatdown” on MTV, as well as serving as an announcer for “King of the Cage.” Jason has also started a social media company called gettr.

A. J. Delgado and Jason Miller Son

During the conversation, Delgado said Miller had told her he was separated from his wife. Delgado and Miller split up shortly after she became pregnant. In July 2017, Delgado gave birth to a boy named William.


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