Did Ron Watkins start the QAnon Movement?

The QAnon controversy

As most are aware now, QAnon is a deranged collective delusion that has consumed hundreds of thousands of Americans, who believe that a group of occult Satan-worshiping pedophiles running a global child sex-trafficking ring is weaving a plot against President Donald Trump. QAnon will soon expand itself into Congress.

A believer in the QAnon delusion, Marjorie Greene won her Republican primary in Georgia and faced no general election opponent.

In this week’s episode of Gimlet’s Reply, All podcast, PJ Vogt explores not just the origins of QAnon but theorizes — based on very compelling evidence — the identity of Q, the person (or persons) behind the delusion. “I believe that 90 percent of the QAnon delusion lies in the mystery of Q and that revealing his identity will gradually demystify the delusion once Q’s followers begin to understand who he truly is.”

Do the people know that the guy behind it is a middle-aged former Army mechanic turned Internet adult guru? Is it any surprise that the man behind an illusion devoted to believing that Democrats are running a child sex-trafficking ring is also the owner of 8Chan, a site known for its role as a forum for child 18+ videos (as well as being linked to white supremacists, hate crimes, and multiple mass shootings)? The man’s name is Jim Watkins. 

Is Jim Watkins “Q”?

James Arthur Watkins (born November 1963) is an American businessman and the imageboard website 8chan. Watkins is the founder of the company N.T. Technology in the 1990s to support a Japanese pornography website he created while serving in the United States Army. After leaving the Army to focus on the company, Watkins moved to the Philippines. In February 2014, Watkins became the operator of 2channel after he seized it from its creator and original owner. Hiroyuki Nishimura began providing domain and hosting services to 8chan later that year and became the site’s official owner and operator by year’s end.

Ron Watkins and his association with the identity of “Q.”

Ronald Watkins (born in 1987 or 1988) is an American conspiracy theorist and site administrator of the imageboard website 8chan. He is one of the critical reasons for the spread of the discredited far-right QAnon conspiracy theory. Ron has promulgated baseless conspiracy theories that the general 2020 presidential election led to Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump. He is the son of Jim Watkins, the owner, and operator of 8chan. Some journalists and researchers believe that one or both of the Watkins know the identity of, or are themselves, “Q,” the person or group of people behind QAnon.

Ron Watkins to run for president

Ron Watkins on Monday said he is running for Congress in Arizona. He mentioned that the state is at the forefront of the fight by many Republicans over the 2020 election results.

Watkins, a fervent supporter of false claims, said he wants “to fix the elections from inside the machine.”

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