Do Bird Electric Scooters Have GPS

Do Bird Electric Scooters Have GPS

Have you ever wondered, “Do Bird Electric Scooters Have GPS?” If yes, then you have stumbled upon the right article.

Bird is a company that rents electric scooters in cities around the world. It was started to help make city travel easier and more fun.

With the Bird app, you can find a scooter near you, unlock it, and ride where you need to go. It’s a cool way to move around without using a car or bus.

I own a Bird electric scooter, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made for getting around the city. The built-in GPS is a game-changer.

It not only helps me navigate through busy streets but also keeps my scooter secure. I can easily track where it is, which gives me peace of mind.

Riding my Bird scooter makes my trips quicker and more enjoyable.

I love knowing I’m doing my bit for the environment by choosing a cleaner travel method. It’s convenient, eco-friendly, and just a lot of fun.

In this article, I have shared everything I know about Do Bird Electric Scooters Have GPS and other related queries. I hope it helps.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

What Is GPS Technology?

What Is GPS Technology
Do Bird Electric Scooters Have GPS

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a radio navigation system that determines location, time, and velocity on land, sea, and air. The United States military first used GPS technology in 1960.

GPS technology has many applications in cars, smartphones, and navigation devices, helping people find their way or their devices’ locations.

It is also used in emergencies to locate people needing assistance, resource locating, and mapping.

Do Bird Electric Scooters Have GPS?

Do Bird Electric Scooters Have GPS
Do Bird Electric Scooters Have GPS

Yes. Bird electric scooters have built-in GPS technology, which helps the riders and company to know the location of their scooter or find a nearby scooter available for rent.

Bird Global is a micro-mobility company in Miami, Florida, founded in September 2017. The company provides electric scooter rental services in several cities in the United States.

The increasing popularity of electric scooters has raised several questions about their workings and features.

Additionally, GPS technology helps in:

  • Tracking your Ride: Bird tracks your ride using the scooter’s GPS to ensure your scooter is in safe hands.
  • Finding Available Scooters: GPS enables you to locate the scooters nearby and see which ones are closest to you and available for rent.
  • Detecting Accidents: Bird uses GPS to determine whether the scooters have been involved in accidents or have damaged parts.
  • Location: The GPS of a Bird electric scooter is in a box-like structure called the GPS unit, which is placed in the middle of the left and right handlebars.

What Kind Of GPS Technology Is Used In Bird Electric Scooters?

What Kind Of GPS Technology Is Used In Bird Electric Scooters
Do Bird Electric Scooters Have GPS?

Now, you have the answer to your question, “Do Bird Electric Scooters Have GPS?” You must be wondering what kind of GPS technology is used in Bird Scooters.

Bird electric scooters use the ZED-F9R module, developed by U-Blox, a company based in Thalwil, Switzerland. Founded in 1997, U-Blox specializes in manufacturing wireless semiconductors and modules.

This advanced GPS technology helps users and the company in:

  • Finding scooters on the Bird app is easy, even in areas with a high population.
  • Detecting sidewalk ridings and slowing the scooter down.
  • Identifying designated riding zones and no-ride areas.
  • Ensuring proper parking.

How Does GPS Work In Bird Electric Scooters?

How Does GPS Work In Bird Electric Scooters
How Does GPS Work In Bird Electric Scooters

The GPS in the Bird electric scooters works by using a combination of technologies for their location system.

Bird electric scooters’ GPS uses a dual-band sensor. This means they can receive signals from two frequency bands transmitted by the GPS satellites, leading to increased accuracy and reliability compared to a single-band system.

Also, the GPS in the Bird Scooter has sensor fusion that combines the GPS data with information from the scooter’s sensors. The scooter is additionally equipped with inbuilt transmitters to send to their locations.

Bird electric scooter’s GPS works with the Bird App. As a rider, you must have this app on your smartphone if you want to use a GPS.

All these combinations allow Bird electric scooters to be tracked in real-time, benefiting both riders and the company.

Riders can easily find available scooters through the Bird app, while Bird can manage them, ensuring proper parking and security from theft.

How Do I Track My Bird Electric Scooter?

You can track your Bird Electric Scooter through the Bird App.

If You Own the Bird Electric Scooter

Here are the steps to find your own bird electric scooter.

  • Open the Bird app on your smartphone and log in to your account.
  • Look for the “My Bird” option in the menu or locate a section dedicated to your owned Bird, “Private Birds.”
Private Birds
Private Birds
  • Once you access “My Bird,” you should see your scooter’s location on a map within the app.

If You Have a Rental Bird Scooter

Here are the steps to find out if you rent a bird scooter.

  • Open the Bird app and log in to your Bird account.
  • The Bird app interface will have a scooter icon or a map view showing available scooters.
Rental scooter
Rental scooter
  • Look for the icon of your rented scooter on the map. A different indicator should highlight it compared to available scooters.

If you are facing any issues locating your scooter within the app, consider restarting the app.

If you still cannot track your scooter, contact Bird at 1-866-205-2442 for assistance.

How GPS Enhances The Bird Scooter Riding Experience?

How GPS Enhances The Bird Scooter Riding Experience
Do Bird Electric Scooters Have GPS

GPS plays a key role in making Bird electric scooter rides smoother, safer, and more enjoyable.

Now that you know that “Do Bird Electric Scooters Have GPS? ” you must wonder how it improves the riding experience.

Here is how GPS enhances the Bird scooter experience.

Finding Available Scooters

The GPS helps you easily find nearby unlocked scooters for rental, eliminating the hassle of looking for a scooter.

Real-Time Tracking

The GPS lets you track your Bird electric scooter’s real-time location on the Bird app.

As such, you don’t need to remember exactly where you parked. The Bird app will show you your scooter’s location through GPS.

Identify Safe Riding Zones

GPS allows Bird to create geofences and restricted areas where scooters can be ridden or parked. This ensures safety and prevents misuse of the scooters in pedestrian zones or private property.

Improved Service

Bird uses GPS data to understand usage patterns and distribute scooters more efficiently, ensuring enough scooters are available in areas with high demand.

Security and Maintenance

GPS helps Bird identify scooters that need maintenance or have been stolen or damaged, allowing them to respond quickly.

Accurate Billing

The GPS tracks the distance you travel during your ride. This way, you are charged appropriately based on your usage.

Ultimately, by incorporating GPS technology in Bird electric scooters, Bird has simplified the entire rental process, from finding a scooter to tracking your ride and managing billing, making electric scooter rides more convenient and user-friendly.

How Do I Remove The GPS From My Bird Scooter?

Now that “Do Bird Electric Scooters Have GPS” is clear, what if you want to remove it?

While you cannot disable the GPS tracking system, you can remove the GPS box in your scooter.

The GPS unit is located between the right and left handlebars of the Bird electric scooters.

You must remove the top cover and pull out the GPS system by unplugging the connections.

How Do I Remove The GPS From My Bird Scooter
Do Bird Electric Scooters Have GPS

Please note that you can remove the GPS box only if you own the Bird electric scooter. You cannot do so with rental scooters because removing the GPS might be against Bird’s terms and policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bird electric scooters have GPS?

Yes. Bird electric scooters have GPS technology, which helps you and Bird track their location.

Where is GPS located on Bird electric scooters?

The GPS is in the GPS unit, a rectangular box between the Bird electric scooters’ right and left handlebars.

What GPS technology does Bird’s electric scooter use?

Bird’s electric scooter uses a ZED-F9R module with dual-band sensors to help you find a scooter nearby.

How do I know if there is a GPS on my Bird electric scooter?

The GPS in Bird electric scooters is placed in a GPS unit, a box between the right and left handlebars. So, if such a system is present on your Bird scooter, it is equipped with a GPS.

How do I disable the GPS on my Bird electric scooter?

You cannot disable the GPS on your Bird scooter. However, you can remove the GPS unit only if you own the scooter.

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