DOB vs LGT Live Score Korean Baseball League Doosan Bears Vs. LG Twins Picks, Odds, & Predictions Watch Online

The LG twins against Doosan bears meeting begin at 5:30 am and be screened on TV: ESPN. The LG Twins are going strong after winning their last meeting against the Hanwa Eagles and, consequently, won the previous 4 meetings.

The LG twins have combined a score of 35 runs over the last 4 matches. In the previous effort, players Kim Hyun-Soo and Kim Yong-Yi have combined four hits and 4 RBI while Tyler Wilson allowed three runs and six hits in the last 6.2 innings. The LG twins Out of the previous 32 games have won 22, and the player that gets the ball tonight for the team is Cha Woo-chan.


The Doosan Bears have lost two of three matches against the Samsung Lions, but they are coming off as stable form when they produced seven runs and 12 hits. They have produced a combination of 13 runs and 26 hits in the last three games. In the previous effort, players Choi Joo-Hwan and Kim Jae-hwan combined three runs and five hits in 7 innings of work. The Doosan Bears out of the last 21 meetings have won 12, and the player that gets the ball tonight for the team is Lee Young-ha.

The LG Twins have won 6 of the last nine meetings against the Doosan Bears, but they lost the previous 2 meetings. The earlier matches between both the teams have resulted in single-digit scores.

The Doosan Bears have always been an underdog in the games, based on how impressive their offense can play and how together they can strike a win out of nowhere. However, the LG Twins is nowhere behind in the game as they have consequently won the last four meetings, and their offense is in good form.

DOB vs LGT Live Score

DOB vs LGT Live Score

This match is undoubtedly a better going into the weekend, while LG Twins are at an advantage because of their consistent wins in a stretch. And it gives them an edge while going into the game today.

Looking at the games played by both the teams, it is sure that many people would like to place their bets on none other than the LG Twins because of their consistent and improved gameplay and not to mention the skills of the offense when they came into action. This weekend is going to be exciting as the match lined up is nothing less than a thriller!

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