Does CVS Take Food Stamps [Full Guide]

Does CVS Take Food Stamps [Full Guide]

Does CVS take Food Stamps? This is the question people often ask, and if you have the same question, you have stumbled upon the right webpage.

CVS is a popular pharmacy and convenience store chain that offers various products, including groceries. This article covers detailed information about whether you can use the Food Stamps card at CVS, the eligible products you can purchase with Food Stamps, and more.

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What is the Electronic Benefits Transfer and EBT Card?

EBT, or Electronic Benefits Transfer, is a card system that provides assistance to people who receive government benefits like Food Stamps for Seniors and helps them to pay for their purchases at retail stores. It works like a debit card and is easy to use. The government provides benefits and keeps track of their use through the EBT system, which is managed by state governments.

Food Stamps credits are deposited into Electronic Benefit accounts that can be accessed with a PIN number. The card can be used at EBT-participating merchants and point-of-sale terminals (POS).

Does CVS Accept Food Stamps?

Does CVS Accept Food Stamps

CVS is a well-known pharmacy chain in the United States that offers a wide range of products, including food items. Although you can use your SNAP benefits to purchase eligible groceries at CVS, there are some restrictions on the products you can purchase.

Also, you’ll need to use a different payment method if you want to purchase items that don’t qualify under the program’s guidelines.

With nearly 10,000 stores across the country, there is likely a CVS in your area. The stores offer everything you’d expect from a pharmacy, as well as household items, health and beauty products, and a small selection of groceries.

What Can You Buy At CVS With EBT?

Below is a list of SNAP-eligible products that you can purchase from CVS with your EBT card –

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Meat, poultry, and fish
  • Dairy products, including milk, cheese, and yogurt
  • Bread and cereal products
  • Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages that meet certain nutritional requirements, such as fruit juices, granola bars, and trail mixes

Generally, most groceries at CVS and all other participating stores are covered by your SNAP benefits. You cannot overspend with your EBT card because once your benefits have run out, you won’t be able to buy anything.

However, you cannot use your EBT card to purchase medications, vitamins, or supplements at CVS. It is not possible to purchase medications or vitamins with SNAP because they are not considered to be necessities for existence.

What Can’t You Buy At CVS With EBT?

At CVS, you can buy medicines and vitamins, but you cannot use an EBT card to pay for them. This means that you will have limited options for what you can purchase with your EBT card.

Below are the products that you cannot buy from CVS or any other store –

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tobacco products
  • Lottery tickets or other forms of gambling
  • Animal food or live animals
  • Vitamins, medications, or dietary supplements (some energy drinks are considered dietary supplements)
  • Electronic items
  • Clothing or cosmetics

Can someone use my EBT card for me?

Yes, you may authorize a trusted person in your household to use your SNAP EBT card on your behalf.

The person doesn’t have to be a SNAP beneficiary, just an authorized person to make purchases for you. This is the case, for example, if the recipient is too old or lives with a disability and cannot store independently with their EBT card.

Can You Buy Enfamil with Food Stamps?

Yes, you can use Food Stamps to buy Enfamil if the SNAP office in your area allows it.

Enfamil is a formula that helps reduce spit-up and is meant for babies under 12 months old.

Because the purpose of Food Stamps or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is to provide food assistance to low-income families, it allows for the purchase of formula milk, including Enfamil, to help parents with the healthy growth of their children.


What is an EBT card?

An EBT card is a plastic card that looks like a debit or credit card and is used to access SNAP benefits.

Can I use my EBT card at CVS?

Yes, you can use your EBT card at CVS to purchase eligible food items.

Can I buy hot food with EBT?

No, you cannot buy hot prepared foods with EBT.

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