Does Pixel 6A Have Wireless Charging? (3 Options)

Does Pixel 6A Have Wireless Charging (3 Options)

Are you curious to know Whether Pixel 6A has wireless charging or not? Your search ends here.

Part of Google’s Pixel product series, the Google Pixel 6a is an Android smartphone that the company designed, produced, and marketed.

It comes with a powerful Google Tensor chipset, a stunning 6.1-inch Full HD+ OLED display and an excellent dual camera setup.

Now that you have this device, you must be wondering whether it has an option for wireless charging. No need to worry if that’s what you are here about.

We have got you covered!

Read the article until the end to gather information on Whether or not Google 6A has wireless charging.

Does Pixel 6A Have Wireless Charging?

Since phones are now practically necessities for many worldwide, new phones are often launched with battery features like quick and wireless charging.

However, the Google Pixel 6a is not capable of wireless charging. Many people hoping to charge without a cable and adapter may be disappointed by this revelation, but this shouldn’t be a major shock.

If Google devices had this option of wireless charging, then it likely would have played a significant role in the marketing of the smartphone device.

Even though it’s disappointing that Google did not add wireless charging in the 6A, you can try these alternatives to satisfy your wish to have wireless charging.

Although wireless charging isn’t always necessary, it’s still pleasant to have.

Moreover, it’s so easy to place your phone on a platform and forget about plugging it in that you wish this feature existed in the Pixel 6A device.

So, if you wish for your device to charge wirelessly and are ready to make some effort to achieve the results, get yourself a wireless charging adapter if you want to go cordless.

In the upcoming sections, we will explain what you need to do and how you can do it to achieve wireless charging in your Google Pixel 6A.

How to Charge the Pixel 6a Wirelessly

First, Google doesn’t sell wireless charging adapters, so remember that these are third-party products rather than accessories manufactured by Google.

Even though they aren’t their products, they still work, though the wireless charging built-in is smoother. So, before purchasing an adapter, ensure it is compatible with the Pixel series.

What do you need to charge your free government Google pixel phone wirelessly?

  • Your Pixel 6A device
  • Wireless charging pad: the Qi standard is the most common
  • Wireless charging adapter that matches your phone’s charging port (USB-C).

These are the only things you need to achieve wireless charging in your device.

Google Pixel 6a’s Wireless Charging Options

Let’s start with the step-by-step process of achieving wireless charging on Pixel 6A.

  • Once you have got a wireless charging adapter that suits your device ( the adapter should be a thin, mostly rectangular device with a cord that ends in a USB-C plug)
  • Unbox the adapter and keep it ready.
  • Connect your device charging port with the USB cable end of the wireless charging adapter.
  • The wireless charging adaptor should be placed flat against your phone’s back. If there is adhesive on the adapter to keep it in place, remove the protective film and attach it to your phone.
  • Then you can cover your phone back again with a phone case. The adapter won’t be thick, so it shouldn’t be a problem to put the phone case back on, and it also helps keep the adapter in position.
  • Then plug in and set your wireless charging pad down flat.
  • Put your phone down on the pad for charging. Make sure the adapter on the back of your phone is pointing in the direction of the pad. When positioned properly, charging will start on its own.

Tip: Remember that direct cable charging could be faster than wireless charging with an adapter. Additionally, it’s typical for the phone to warm up during the procedure. If it becomes too hot, take it off the charging pad and let it cool.


Although the much-loved Pixel 6a does not have wireless charging, alternatives are available if you’re ready to get creative and do some work.

Although these options might not be ideal, they still work and can satisfy your momentary need for wireless charging.

To conclude, while wireless charging is possible by following the above steps, it’s still not ideal, and your device may face certain issues while carrying out this type of charging.

The wireless charging option is slower than the cable option. Your Pixel 6A will heat up while charging wirelessly, as this is not a feature of the device.


Does wireless charging exist on other Pixel A-series phones?

There has never been a Pixel A-series device with wireless charging support. These phones are designed to be as affordable as possible while providing many features.

Will a Google Pixel 6a support wireless charging?

Qi adapters charge phones via USB ports and lie flat on their backs. With them, using wireless chargers is made easier. You can use Qi wireless charging even if Google does not include it with the 6a. There are receivers for wireless charging available on the market. All you have to do is put these into the USB-C charging port. The phone and receiver can be used for semi-wireless charging by placing them on a wireless charger.

Is wireless charging available for the Pixel 6a?

Unfortunately, wireless charging is not possible with the Pixel 6a. There has never been a Pixel A-series gadget with wireless charging. Without this feature, it’s easy to cut costs in production and provide a cheaper price point.

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