Donald Trump interviewed on ‘Mornings with Maria Bartiromo’

Watch Donald Trump Full interview on ‘Mornings with Maria Bartiromo’

Former President Trump joined ‘Mornings with Maria Bartiromo’ earlier today. ‘Mornings with Maria Bartiromo’ is an interview show hosted by Maria Bartiromo. Various issues across the world like the Taliban- Afghanistan conflict, Human rights, and other issues were discussed in the interview. You can listen to the whole interview below.

Watch Donald Trump Full interview on ‘Mornings with Maria Bartiromo’

You can watch the full interview below

About Maria Bartiromo

Maria Sara Bartiromo is an American financial journalist, television personality, anchorperson, and author. On the Fox Business Network, Maria Bartiromo hosts Mornings with Maria and Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street as well as Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo.

About ‘Mornings with Maria Bartiromo’

In this early show featuring a roundtable of rotating industry experts, veteran journalist Maria Bartiromo shares her knowledge of the financial sector. She and her guests discuss news stories of both national and international scope, as well as other topics that are expected to have an impact on the economy and markets that day. It is intended to provide viewers with insight into how to maximize their investments through the show.

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Hope you enjoyed the interview of Donald Trump with Maria Bartiromo.

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