Donald Trump’s Facebook page is now Unbanned

Donald Trump's Facebook page is now Unbanned

Facebook went down due to its server outage for almost 6-8 hours. Along with facebook its siblings Instagram and Whatsapp were also down. After the social media giant’s server went up it also unbanned quite a few facebook pages which were banned from its platform. The official facebook page of the former US President Donald Trump was also unbanned. I have attached an image below that shows that the page is now unbanned  but has a Archived tag followed by the former president’s name.

You can visit his facebook page here –

Some twitter users were found discussing the same :


Why was Donald Trump banned from facebook.


Facebook’s Oversight Board delayed its decision about Trump using Facebook and Instagram in April. The board noted that the decision was delayed because it wanted to carefully consider all comments and responses. Following the Capitol Hill siege, Trump was banned from using his social media accounts indefinitely.

Considering the gravity of the circumstances surrounding Trump’s suspension, we believe his actions merited the most severe penalty possible under the new enforcement protocols. Facebook announced in a blog post that it would suspend his accounts for two years, starting on January 7 this year.



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