Latest News - Dr. Lorna Breen Suicide Reason Full Story & Check Here

Dr. Lorna Breen Suicide Reason Full Story & Check Here

Dr. Lorna Breen Suicide Reason: Dr. Lorna Breen has been a healthcare worker, an ER physician in New York City, and has worked tremendously well in the pandemic situation. Her death has made the headlines and is calling for the world to pay attention to the frontline workers’ health. Dr. Lorna Breen was 49 years old while she died of Suicide.

Dr. Lorna Breen Suicide Reason

Dr. Lorna Breen said she has been seeing patients dying due to the coronavirus outbreak. They all have stories to tell, and they have all been heroes. The deaths otherwise would have a funeral, but is it is unfortunate to know that they won’t even have that if they die because of the virus. During her last conversation with a friend, she repeated the sentence, “I could not do anything.” She was heartbroken by the number of patients that she could not save.
Dr. Lorna Breen was working at the New York-Presbyterian Allen Hospital in Upper Manhattan, where she supervised the emergency department. She could increase the number of patients every day, with the number of places being overcrowded by patients and the requirements to treat them depleting rapidly. It bugged her that the waiting room was now filled with patients and that they sick were dying unnoticed, and she couldn’t help them.

Dr. Lorna Breen Live Updates

When Dr. Lorna Breen had her last conversation with her sister, she said to her, “I don’t know what to do,” “I can’t get out of the chair.” And she did sound a little odd, and not herself said her sister.  There was no doubt that Dr. Lorna Breen was living in a cave for a while. She had started working longer hours in the hospital, not giving her the proper time and attention she needed, added her colleagues.
She once worked for 15 hours in the hospital, and when asked by a colleague to stay healthy, she replied with, “this is the hardest time of my life”, “I’m trying my best.” And what broke her more was that a quarter of people admitted to Allen in times of crisis were dying.
People have to understand that it is difficult for the front line workers so work with the PPE kits that they wear, and they can’t even touch their masks to speak to the patients because it increases their risks. They are risking every day to treat patients with the COVID-19 virus, and people must understand their stress.
Dr. Lorna Breen’s Suicide is a wake-up call for all the people to understand that many frontline and healthcare workers also undergo post-traumatic stress and require immediate attention. They are even risking their lives to save ours, so it is our duty not to increase more troubles and keep ourselves safe from the virus by not leaving the house without an emergency and taking the necessary precautions. The situation of the pandemic is still not settled, so stay safe and stay home!
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