Dr. Stone Chapter 155 Release Date, Spoilers, Read Online Here

Dr. Stone Chapter 155 Release Date, Spoilers, Read Online Here: In this post, we will look at the date of releasing part 155 of Dr. Stone and a brief overview of the manga’s last part. The real name of Dr. Xeno is revealed, that is, Phil in full structure, this is Doctor Strange Love, in the light of the fact that Phil means Love, and Xeno means strange. Dr. Xeno recalls when he tried to deactivate the bomb, but he believes that you should not go over it, because it is smarter to adore the bomb. 

Stanley walks through a forest equipped with an automatic rifle to fight Tsukas’s crew, as Stanley may suspect that he has no chance that he is going to attack them from the squad. Before we continue, you can explore the difficulties of the release date in the next section of the manga, see below.

Dr. Stone Chapter 155 Release Date

According to some of our sources, Dr. Stone Chapter 155 shall release on Sunday, June 21, 2020. 

You can get new sections every Sunday, which is not surprising, along with other Shonen Jump manga names.

Dr. Stone Chapter 154 Recap

The battle between the Kingdom of Science and the Kingdom of Science will begin soon, and Stanley decided to fight Ukyou. Stanley is trying to make a careful move to kill Ukyou and the others. In any case, Ukyou still shares Stanley and the rest. Stanley uses his knowledge to narrow the space between them since Ukyou was not going to execute him.

Tsukasa’s crew began to shrink along with Stanley, but he figured out how to overcome them, and plans to pull out a nerve gas bomb to defuse them when he wears his cover. Thanks to Dr. Xeno, he won the fight, because his science is better than that of Dr. Senku, but Senku has an agreement on what will happen next. 

Stanley is yet not ready for an advanced martial personality in no way presuming that Senku is granting a retreat during the campaign. The Tsukasa gathering is happy with how they will execute Stanley. Senku thinks it makes more sense to demolish Stanley by sending someone to take Stanley’s ammunition while he is concentrated around the battle with Tsakusa and the others. 

Dr. Stone Chapter 154

In addition, taking extra ammunition so that he could hold his shots, expelling a blow from his firearm, taking or breaking a gas cover. However, Stanley believes that the capture of Tsukasa and his national team Suyk can infiltrate Dr. Xenoi’s base to monitor their every progress.

Where to read Dr. Stone Chapter 155?

Dr. Stone’s latest chapters are available online when downloaded at VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga, in addition to authentic settings. 

Crude outlets for new parts are distributed 2-3 days before the distribution of the separate sections. To assist Manga designers and distributors, we suggest that you read advanced duplicates of their official sites and applications.

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