Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 Release Date, Recap, And Spoiler and Where to Read?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 Release Date, Recap, And Spoiler, and Where to Read?: Chapter 65 was just Dragon Ball in a nutshell. After such an amazing buildup this chapter somehow fell flat on its face. The payoff to all the hype that the last chapter build was just underwhelming. The main problem is that even after so many seasons we haven’t really seen any sort of character development in Goku which was needed in this chapter. Yeah, killing Moro would have been uncharacteristic for Goku, but we should have gotten something different from what we got. Creating conflict from the main character being dumb and doing stupid things is bad writing and doesn’t actually create tension. The internet is divided over this incident but for me personally, this was bad and made an amazing arc really disappointing.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65 Recap

In chapter 65 of Dragon Ball Super, Goku asks Moro to go back to galactic prison if he wants to live, Moro says that he will go back and do no harm to anyone. Goku then proceeds to give him a Senzu bean. Moro, undoubtedly, goes back on his words and starts to fight him again but it utterly fails. then Moro sees his arm that was cut off by merus in an attempt made by Moro previously to steal merus’s powers.

Behold The Power Of God!!!

Moro gets his hands back and then gets the powers of an angel along with ultra instinct and he has transformed once again. But his body is unable to handle the god’s power and thus starts swelling up. He starts finding a body that can withstand the power. Whis, who was watching all this told Goku to kill Moro otherwise everything will be pointless. Goku was going to do that when suddenly Moro was engulfed inside the earth. Everyone was surprised when a giant head of Moro came from behind Goku. He told everyone that now he is one with the earth. Whis explained that now killing Moro will be the end of the earth and if his swollen energy detonates the whole galaxy will be destroyed.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 Release Date

Chapter 63 is all set to release on November 20, 2020. Dragon Ball Super releases a chapter every month.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 Predictions

The spoilers will be out a few days before the release of the chapter so keep an eye out here as we will update you.  The world is in danger again because of Goku somehow. The fate of the earth solely depends on Moro now. We think Beerus will decide to do something but that will completely endanger the earth’s existence. There is still hope for this arc if we can get an amazing pay-off. We need something major that isn’t expected by anyone.

Dragon Ball Super Where To Read

You can read the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super on the official site of VIZ and Shueisha. We request you to use only legal sites as it will promote the creators.

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