Emily in Paris release date, cast, plot, and where to watch online?

Emily in Paris release date

The beautiful actress Lily Collin will be seen in a new comedy series on Netflix. “Emily in Paris” is an American comedy-drama series with a woman-centric story that is light-hearted and soft. The story revolves around a central character who moves to Paris searching for a new job but comes across many cultural differences. The story will be a blend of different cultures together, and if the setting is in Paris, no doubt, it will be eye-pleasing.

Emily in Paris release date and where to watch online?

“Emily in Paris” is an upcoming American comedy-drama series which will make the screens on the 2nd of October 2020. The series is a light watch and will be available for the viewers on the OTT platform Netflix. The story of the show is woman-centric and will also be too delightful to watch. The show’s story is set in the beautiful city of Paris, so you can imagine the show’s visuals. And with this, the show will star the lovely Lily Collins, whose acting and skills everyone is aware to date. So to expect a beautiful and soft story is given already. Watch the trailer here to get an insight into how the show will carry the audiences throughout the journey.


Emily in Paris cast:

Lily Collins as Emily Cooper
Ashley Park as Mindy Chen
Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu
Lucas Bravo
Samuel Arnold
Camille Razat as Camille
Bruno Gouery as Luke
Kate Walsh
William Abadie as Antoine Lambert
Arnaud Viard

Emily in Paris plot/storyline:

The story of the series follows the journey of Emily Cooper from America to Paris. She is a woman in her id twenties who has just entered Paris for a job. The job is entirely unexpected, and she is tasked with something very different from her taste. She has to bring forward an American point of view to a very French firm. There is a significant culture clash as she juggles her way through the new city. How ill she strike a balance between her job, new friendships, and love life is a remarkable story. Although it is mentioned certain times the show will also be very visually appealing to watch. By far, only 3 episodes of the series are available on the official website, but a few more might be added to the series.


Emily in Paris is an upcoming comedy series airing on Netflix. The show will revolve around the story of Emily Cooper, who will juggle her way through a new job in Paris. The series will drop on the 2nd of October, and the beautiful Lily Collins will be playing the female lead. The story does look very appealing and definitely looks like a binge-worthy series. To learn more about the upcoming series and movies, stay tuned to world wire.

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