Endorsement of Mayes Middleton by Trump

David Mayes Middleton II is a Texas Republican politician who serves District 23 in the Texas House of Representatives.

Trump endorses Middleton

In an official statement, Trump said, “Texas Representative Mayes Middleton, who chairs the Texas Freedom Caucus, is a very effective leader in the Texas House. His voting record on Conservative issues is second to none. Mayes championed the forensic audit to identify Voter Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election; he knows CRT indoctrination is wrong for our school children. He co-authored the bill to triple security along the Texas border and strongly supports this our great Military and Vets, and our under siege Second Amendment. I am proud to give my Complete and Total Endorsement to a MAGA champion, Mayes Middleton!”

Middleton expresses his gratitude.

In a tweet dated Dec 29th, Middleton expressed his fidelity and gratitude to Trump:

“Honored to have received the endorsement of President Donald Trump in my race for Texas Senate! President Trump is continuing his work to elect conservative Republicans across America. I look forward to continuing fighting for our values in the Texas Senate. #TxLege”

Middleton’s endorsement fraught with Twitter backlash

@HeidiG812 replied to Middleton’s above tweet saying:

“So how much of the former president’s legal bills is YOUR campaign good for?  Looks like Ronna is paying up to $1.6 million of RNC donor money to cover his lawsuits in NY alone.”


Kathy Ponce (@kathy4Texas) congratulated Middleton and said:

“Oh my gosh. This is huuuge.



SSton (@SharinStone) replied to the tweet saying:


He lost…by a lot.”

Middleton’s career in business

Middleton currently serves as president of Middleton Oil Company, an independent oil and gas company that operates in South Texas and the Gulf Coast. Middleton Oil Company now claims three employees and generates an estimated annual revenue of ~$800,000.

Middleton’s career in politics

During the Republican primary in 2018, Middleton was endorsed by Texas governor Greg Abbott. Middleton serves in the Texas House of Representatives for District 23. He was sworn in on January 8, 2019, succeeding Wayne Faircloth. Middleton was re-elected in 2020.

Personal life

Middleton and his wife, Macy, have four children. The Middleton family lives in Wallisville, Texas. Mayes Middleton’s net worth isn’t public yet.

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