Press - Energy Bill Makes Bad Energy Outlook Worse — National & Homeland Security Threatened

Energy Bill Makes Bad Energy Outlook Worse — National & Homeland Security Threatened

The energy bill that Congress passed to the White House today ensures that America will continue to depend in a hazardous way on Middle Eastern oil. Between 2 and 3% of the world’s oil reserves are held by the United States, 50% by countries in the Persian Gulf, and 61% by the OPEC cartel, which is dominated by countries in the Middle East. The U.S. and Western democracies lack the oil-based staying power enjoyed by Middle Eastern rulers.

“The bill supports a faster depletion of the nation’s already diminishing oil supplies. Oil production subsidies result in faster oil depletion, a riskier reliance on Middle Eastern oil, the dictators who control it, and the terrorists who have access to it “Roy McAlister, author, co-president of, is a leading expert on the production of clean fuels from solar, wind, and biomass energy.

Adequate supplies of the inexpensive oil that drives the American economy are necessary for both prosperity and security in the country. Both are under danger as a result of the Middle East’s growing reliance on oil supplies, which can be cut off at any time by armed conflict or political upheaval.

Additionally, the energy law undervalues undepletable energy while excessively promoting coal, radioactive energy, and other fossil fuels.

This substantial disparity in financial and policy benefits makes fossil and nuclear energy appear less expensive than inexhaustible energy, discouraging its commercialization and prolonging windfall profits for big oil.

“The bill shields OPEC and oil from genuine competition. The competitive deck is stacked against unstoppable energy, which is stacked against America.” remarked Bill Garrett, a Co-President of, a non-profit organisation that promotes the use of pure, limitless energy.

“In a single day, Earth receives more energy from the sun than it has ever held in oil. In deserts that get intense sunlight, nature stores enormous amounts of this energy in the wind, waves, biomass, and direct solar. All of these plentiful solar energy sources can be transformed into hydrogen and used to cleanly power America’s current industrial, transportation, utility, and agricultural engines.” McAlister remarked.

Nukes and radioactive electricity cannot safely close the oil gap. Oil cannot be mined and produced from the fossil fuels that the energy bill is subsidising quickly enough to replace the oil gushes that have driven prosperity in the United States and around the world.” According to Garrett, the priorities of the energy bill are erroneous.

“To offset the reduction in oil, more than 2000 enormous, one gigawatt nuclear power reactors would be required. Nuclear power cannot be economically viable because of the storage and protection of the radioactive waste that these nuclear reactors will generate.” Added McAlister.

According to McAlister, “The energy package passed by Congress is essentially a multi-billion dollar handout to massive energy firms and a Big Oil folly. It allocates taxpayer funds for improper purposes and in the improper locations, at the improper times. It continues to underutilize plentiful solar resources and fails to balance governmental benefits and subsidies between dwindling and nondwindling energy sources. The bill ought to be known as “The Great Mistake”

“By passing this law, Congress sent a message to America’s friends and foes that the United States has ceded its energy future to those who control the oil when it needed to send a Declaration of Energy Independence and create an undepletable energy strategy to support it,” the author of the article said. added Garrett

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