eSIM France iPhone – Complete Guide

eSIM France iPhone - Complete Guide

Are you planning to travel to France and looking for eSIM France iPhone options for the country? If yes, you have clicked the perfect page.

Many eSIM providers offer eSIM technology in several countries worldwide.

Travelers especially prefer eSIM for saving roaming charges on international trips, with eSIMs being cheaper and more flexible to stay connected in other countries.

When I planned my trip to France, I knew staying connected was important. So, I started looking for an eSIM for my iPhone. This way, I wouldn’t need a physical SIM card.

I found several options. Orange offered a plan for $59.90 with 50GB of data, unlimited calls and texts in Europe, and some minutes and texts for outside Europe, lasting 28 days.

It seemed like a good deal because it had a lot of data, and I could use my phone like back home.

Bouygues had a plan for $44.90 with 30GB of data. It also allowed for unlimited calls and texts in Europe. This plan was cheaper but had less data.

Ubigi had many prices, from $6 to $99, with data ranging from 3GB to 200GB. But it was a bit confusing because it didn’t allow calls or texts, and the coverage wasn’t clear.

Holafly was different. It offered unlimited data for a set number of days, like 10, 15, or 30 days. The prices varied from $34 to $99. But it didn’t include calls or texts, which was a downside for me.

After comparing, I chose the Orange plan. It had enough data for my needs, and I liked that I could call and text.

Setting it up on my iPhone was easy. I just followed the instructions, and in no time, I was connected. The service was reliable throughout my stay in France, from the cities to the countryside.

This post details eSIM providers offering eSIM plans for France to be used on your iPhone with other relevant information about the topic.

So, without further delay, let’s begin.

What Is An eSIM iPhone?

What Is An eSIM?

An eSIM iPhone is any iPhone model that supports eSIM technology. eSIM or embedded SIM is a digital SIM that allows you to use cellular services without a physical SIM card.

An eSIM, suitable for use in France, is a digital card unrestricted by physical form, contrasting a traditional SIM card that can actually be manipulated.

Similarly, the eSIM iPhone can store and activate cellular plans without needing a physical SIM card.

People frequently traveling to different countries use eSIM iPhones for a safer and more convenient option. eSIM is offered by many mobile operators worldwide for different countries.

Let’s look at some of the best eSIM providers in France.

Best eSIM Providers France iPhone

Best eSIM Providers France iPhone

Many providers offer eSIM services for France. Some providers offer data, text, and minutes with their eSIM plans, while others may only offer data with their plans.

Here are a few top eSIM providers for your trip to France.

Orange eSIM Holidays

Orange is an eSIM provider that primarily offers eSIM services for European countries. It is considered one of the best eSIM providers USA and in France for its affordable plan pricing. It offers 30GB data at 4G/LTE speed for 25€ for 15 days validity.

Also, it offers 100 Minutes of International voice calls and SMS for additional credit.

Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom is a local eSIM prepaid provider for France. It offers 30GB of data for €39.90 for 30 days validity. It also offers unlimited European SMS and calls and €25 worth of credit for overseas calls.

This eSIM provider is the best if you want local support for your eSIM.


eSIM MEO is another European provider that offers eSIM plans for France. Its data plans are considered best for a short trip. eSIM MEO offers two plans, both for 15 days validity.

One plan offers a sizeable amount of data, presenting 5GB for €15; another furnishes an immense amount of data impartment with 15GB for €25, perfect for usage on the local network. eSIM MEO is known to offer the best pricing without credit checks.


Ubigi is an international eSIM provider that offers two data-only plans for France, both for a 30-day duration. One plan offers 5GB data for €7; the other plan offers 20 GB data for €16. Since it is a global provider, it does not provide local support.


Airalo is an eSIM provider that offers eSIM services for many countries, including France. This company is renowned for providing a wide array of cost-effective prepaid eSIM plans. Airalo’s provides four plans for France.

They are as follows: each one represents a top-rated provider of the best prepaid sim options.

  • 1GB for 7 days: €4.20
  • 3GB for 30 days: €9.34
  • 5GB for 30 days: €13.08
  • 10GB for 30 days: €21.49

These are a few eSIM providers that offer services to France. You can visit their official site and choose the most suitable option to stay connected in France.

Comparing eSIM France iPhone Plans

Comparing eSIM France iPhone Plans

Here are some of the top prepay eSIM plans for use in France.

Plan Provider Price Data Calls Texts/SMS Validity Tethering Coverage
Orange Holiday
Orange $59.90 50GB Unlimited in EU, 120 min outside Unlimited in the EU, 1000 outside 28 days Yes Europe
My European
Bouygues $44.90 30GB Unlimited in EU, credit for overseas Unlimited in EU, credit for overseas 30 days Yes
EU except Switzerland
Ubigi Ubigi $6-$99 3GB-200GB Not allowed Not allowed 30 days No
Not specified
Holafly eSIM Holafly $34-$99 Unlimited 60 min credit in Europe None 10-90 days No France
Orange Holiday
Orange $29.90 8GB-15GB Unlimited in the EU, 30 min outside Unlimited in the EU,
200 outside
14 days Yes Europe

Orange Holiday Europe eSIM

Orange Holiday Europe eSIM plan is offered by Orange eSIM provider, and it comes with a French phone number that can be used all over Europe.

Here are the Orange eSIM France Plans.

  • Price – $59.90
  • Data – 50GB
  • Data Speed – 4G/LTE
  • Calls – Unlimited within Europe and 120 minutes outside of Europe
  • Texts/SMS – Unlimited within Europe and 1000 outside of Europe
  • Validity – 28 day
  • Data Tethering – Allowed

Orange eSIM USA plans are also available if you wish to visit the USA sooner.

Bouygue My European eSIM

Bouygues is a French telecommunications company that offers an eSIM data plan with a French phone number. The plan details are as follows.

  • Price – $44.90
  • Data – 30GB
  • Data Tethering – Allowed
  • Data Speed – 4G/LTE
  • Calls – Unlimited within Europe and credit for overseas calls
  • Texts/SMS – Unlimited within Europe and credit for overseas SMS
  • Credit validity – 30 day
  • Coverage – Anywhere within the European Union except Switzerland


Here are the details of the plan that Ubigi offers.

  • Price – $6 to $99
  • Data – 3GB to 200GB
  • Data Tethering – Not Allowed
  • Data Speed – Not Allowed
  • Calls – Not Allowed
  • Texts/SMS – Not Allowed
  • Credit validity – 30 day
  • Coverage – Not Allowed

Holafly eSIM

Holafly is an international data-only eSIM provider that offers various eSIM plans for France.

Prices for unlimited data

  • 10 Days – $34
  • 15 Days – $47
  • 20 Days – $54
  • 30 Days – $64
  • 60 Days – $84
  • 90 Days – $99
  • Data Speed – 5G/4G/LTE
  • Call coverage – 60 minutes of credit make calls from all of Europe except Iceland, Norway, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Turkey.
  • SMS – None
  • Tethering – No

Orange Holiday Zen eSIM

This plan is offered by Orange and comes with a French phone number. The details of the plan are as follows.

  • Price – $29.90
  • Data – 8GB (sometimes 15GB of data)
  • Service Speed – 4G/LTE
  • Calls – Unlimited within Europe and 30 minutes outside Europe
  • Texts/SMS – Unlimited within Europe and 200 outside of Europe
  • Validity – 14 day
  • Data Tethering – Allowed

Where To Buy eSIM France iPhone

Buy eSIM

An eSIM for France can be purchased online via the provider’s official website for your iPhone or other ESIM-compatible devices. There are many eSIM providers in France. You can choose any suitable provider, visit their website, and purchase for eSIM France.

Please note that, unlike in other countries, you cannot buy eSIM offline upon arrival in France by visiting any mobile service provider’s physical store because the mobile operators in France do not sell eSIM for tourists.

It’s highly recommended to prepay and buy your eSIM France iPhone online.

How To Set Up eSIM France iPhone

Setting up an eSIM on your iPhone for France involves the following steps.

Purchase eSIM France

You should purchase an eSIM profile from any provider that offers it for France.

Obtain the QR code

Upon purchasing the eSIM plan, you will receive an email containing a QR code. This code is necessary for activating the eSIM on your iPhone.

Download the carrier’s app (if required)

A number of eSIM France iPhone providers necessitate the download of their application to activate your esim. You should check if your chosen provider requires their app. If it does, please download it in advance.

Connect to wifi

Connect your device to a wifi connection to begin the eSIM activation process.

Complete Activation

To complete the eSIM France iPhone activation process, follow the below steps.

  • Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone
  • Select “Cellular.”
  • Tap on “Add Cellular Plan” or “Set Up Cellular.”
  • Scan the provided QR code with the help of your device.
  • If you have received the activation code from your provider, you must enter it when prompted.
  • If provided, you might be asked to enter additional information, like your carrier confirmation code.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Once you enter the information, click the “Activate Cellular Plan.”

Let your device complete the activation process, which may take a few minutes. Once done, you can use your provider’s services while in France.

If you face any issues during the setup process, you can contact your eSIM provider for assistance.

List Of iPhone Models That Support eSIM

eSIM only works in eSIM-compatible devices. It would be best to have a smartphone or iPhone that supports eSIM technology to use eSIM in France.

Here is a list of iPhone models that support eSIM.

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Plus
  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Plus
  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone SE 3 (2022)
  • iPhone SE 2 (2020)

If you have an iPhone model other than the one mentioned in the list, you must ensure it is compatible with eSIM technology before purchasing eSIM plans for the iPhone in France or any other prepaid esims.

Benefits Of Using An eSIM In France


There are many benefits of using an eSIM France on your iPhone. Here are some of them.

Safe and secure

eSIMs are safer than traditional SIM cards because they are installed directly on your phone. This means you don’t need to carry a separate physical SIM card, and hence, there is no risk of losing or damaging your physical SIM card.

Easy switching

eSIMs allow you to easily switch between plans or carriers since you don’t have to wait for a new SIM card, remove the older or insert the new one. You only need to download the new eSIM profile and activate and use the services.

Dual SIM capability

Many eSIM-compatible phones allow you to have both your home SIM and an eSIM active simultaneously, giving you greater flexibility.

Save roaming charges

Since eSIM plans are specifically designed for travelers, they can be significantly cheaper than roaming charges from your home provider.

Remote activation

You can purchase and activate eSIM plans online before your trip, saving you the time and hassle of purchasing a SIM card upon arrival in France.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do eSIM plans in France include calls and texts?

Yes.eSIM France iPhone plans include calls and texts. However, it depends on the eSIM plan you choose. Some eSIM plans in France include calls and texts, while others are data-only. Also, the call or text limit varies for different eSIM providers.

Is data tethering allowed with eSIM plans in France?

Yes. Data tethering is allowed with many eSIM plans in France, but not all. It depends on the plan you choose from a specific carrier. For example, The Orange Holiday Europe eSIM plan from Orange lets you use your phone as a mobile hotspot.

Can I purchase an eSIM plan before arriving in France?

Yes. You can purchase an eSIM plan before arriving in France through the official website of one of the eSIM providers that provides eSIM services for France.

Which is the best eSIM provider for France?

Some of the best eSIM France for iPhone include the following. Orange France, Bouygues Telecom, Airalo, and Ubigi.

How long does eSIM take to activate?

The eSIM getting activated with a new number can take a few minutes. It usually takes less than 30 minutes.


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