Everything about Women for Freedom Summit 2021

Everything about Women for Freedom Summit 2021

The women of the United States are standing for the rights of Americans to prevent the country from exploitation. This event is a huge step to inspire everyone to stand for their rights and bring back the rights of freedom. The speakers of the event are well known and their views and opinions on the current situation are crucial. This summit will help their voices reach the citizens.

The United States is a federal republic whose people benefit from a vibrant political system, a strong rule-of-law tradition, robust freedoms of expression and religious belief, and a wide array of other civil liberties. However, in recent years its democratic institutions have suffered erosion, as reflected in partisan manipulation of the electoral process, bias and dysfunction in the criminal justice system, flawed new policies on immigration and asylum seekers, and growing disparities in wealth, economic opportunity, and political influence.

The Mission of Freedom Summit 2021

Along with millions of Americans, they are deeply concerned about the direction of the country, and the erosion of the unique American promise of liberty. This event is intended to be a wake-up call about the ongoing loss of freedom.

Their mission is to provide guests with insights from experts about the challenges facing America and to inspire them to stand up for liberty. 

America, Can We Talk? + Debbie Georgatos present the “Women for Freedom” Summit, dedicated to preserving America and its unique identity and extraordinary greatness.

Venue, Date, and Women for Freedom 2021

On Saturday, September 18, 2021


8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Happy Hour:

5:30pm – 6:30 p.m.


Dallas Hilton Lincoln Centre

5410 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Dallas, TX 75240

(at the North Dallas Tollway)

Speakers of Women for Freedom summit 2021

Debbie Georgatos

Author & Host, America, Can We Talk?

Debbie Georgatos hosts the conservative talk show America, Can We Talk?. She is a public speaker, author, past Fox News Radio national political analyst, and former California labor/employment litigation attorney. The mission of her book, Ladies, Can We Talk? and her show America, Can We Talk?  is to inspire more Americans to actively embrace American-style liberty, protect America’s exceptional nature, and claim their place in the American political conversation.

Gordon Chang

Subject: The threats posed by China

Gordon Guthrie Chang is a columnist, author, and lawyer. He is widely known for his book The Coming Collapse of China. Chang has given briefings at the National Intelligence Council, the CIA, the State Department, and the Pentagon, and has testified before the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Frank Gaffney

Subjects: National Security, China & other threats

Frank J. Gaffney is an American anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist and the founder and president of the Center for Security Policy. In the 1970s and 1980s, he worked for the federal government in multiple posts, including seven months as Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs during the Reagan administration.

Dr Robin Armstrong

Subjects: COVID, vaccine & related loss of freedom

Robin Armstrong is an American politician and physician who served as vice chairman of the Republican Party of Texas from 2006 to 2010. He was elected at the state convention held in San Antonio on June 3, 2006, to succeed the term-limited David Barton from Aledo in Parker County west of Fort Worth.

Victor Avila

Subjects: Border crisis & immigration

Mr Victor Avila is a retired Supervisory Special Agent with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). ICE enforces federal laws governing border control, customs, trade, and immigration to promote homeland security and public safety.

Jessica Vaughan

Subject: Immigration policy expert

Jessica M. Vaughan serves as Director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington, DC-based research institute that examines the impact of immigration on American society and educates policymakers and opinion leaders on immigration issues. 

Lt. Col Matthew Lohmeier

Subject: Warnings about Marxism in U.S. Military

US Space Force commander Matthew Lohmeier. He was fired from his post of leading the 11th Space Alert Squadron. He was fired because he makes political remarks on a conservative podcast. On 15 May 2021 decision was made. Lohmeier claimed on a podcast to expand his book that Marxist ideology was spreading in the US military.

Katie Hopkins

Subject: Loss of western civilization in Europe

Katie Olivia is an English media personality, columnist, far-right political commentator, and former businesswoman. She was a contestant on the third series of The Apprentice in 2007, and following further appearances in the media, she became a columnist for British national newspapers.

Dr Kelli Ward 

Subjects: Arizona audit & election integrity

Kelli Ward is an American osteopathic physician and politician who has served as the Chair of the Arizona Republican Party since 2019. She served in the Arizona State Senate from 2012 to 2015. She challenged incumbent Senator John McCain in the Republican primary for the United States Senate in 2016. Resigning from the State Senate to focus on the race, Ward was subsequently defeated 51% to 39%

Seth Keshel

Subject: Election fraud by the numbers

Seth Keshel a famous former American Army Captain is in news because of his statements related to the 2020 US presidential election. According to his investigation, he claims that the former US president Trump had won the election in 7 states.

Dr Douglas Frank 

Subject: Election fraud algorithmic proof

Having earned several advanced science degrees, Frank has worked in the defence industry, published articles in several scientific journals, patented a method for viewing microscopic particles in metal surfaces, and established a school for gifted children. A man of varied interests, Frank brought his expertise to study the 2020 election.

Dr David Clements

Subject: Losing America via election fraud

Dr David H. Clements is an orthopedist in Camden, New Jersey and is affiliated with Cooper University Health Care-Camden. He received his medical degree from Temple University School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

Tina Ramirez 

Subject: CRT, public schools & women leaders stepping up

Tina Ramirez is a Puerto Rican/Mexican-American dancer and choreographer, best known as the Founder and Artistic Director (1970–2009) of Ballet Hispanico, the premier Latino dance organization in the United States.

Xi Van Fleet 

Subject: CRT & rise of Marxism in America 

A Virginia mom who immigrated to the US after enduring Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution slammed a Virginia school board over its support of the controversial critical race theory during a public meeting on Tuesday, June 8.

Dr Alveda King

Subject: Valuing life, BLM & preserving religious freedom

Alveda Celeste King is an American activist, author, and former state representative for the 28th District in the Georgia House of Representatives. She is the niece of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and daughter of civil rights activist A. D. King and his wife, Naomi Barber King.

Overall, this event will be beneficial to all. The fact that they are concerned as well as are taking measures to help themselves is great. This is a 10 hours long event filled with great speeches, an interactive atmosphere and a great chance to listen to the views of these famous speakers. The event is worth the time and money. 


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