Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists

Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists

Feminism: We live in a world where humans are divided on the basis of their caste, religion, color, gender, culture, education, occupation, and many more. 

The world is growing day by day, but some things are never meant to change. We live in a system where one can get crucified if he or she tries to break the rule. 

In comparison with the older generation, this generation is running fast on the track of development and empowerment.  Now the population has the right to revolt, right to act, right to choose, and the power to make their own decision. 

Every bright side has a black shade, and in my opinion, the most hyped topic or the most crucial topic in today’s world is women’s empowerment. 

As we all know, 1918 was one of the darkest years; the Spanish flue knocked on every door of the house and took over ten million life.  During that era, the world saw the real power of women, and women’s empowerment came to light. 

Now women are treated equally to men. It is not wrong to promote equality or women’s empowerment.  As women were meant to do household things, no one believed that women might rise and earn bread for their families. 

But the world changed, and the generation saw a world where men and women are treated equally. The world witnessed women’s empowerment. As I said before, every color has a dark side; women’s empowerment introduced feminism in the world, which was most important. 

Still, this feminism became a joke when many cases came in front of fake feminism.  Look, I am not a male authority supporter, my mom and dad work together for my betterment and my good future, but the thing is, should the world avoid fake feminism? 

To make this article easier to understand, I would go step by step to explain to you the real moto of this article. So let us start with every common question

Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists

What is feminism?

Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists
Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists

If we talk about feminism then feminism can be termed as equality among all the respective genders which is not obstructed by any patriarchal construct. 

One must know that sex is biological, whereas gender is social. In simple words, feminism is the claim of women against men, which says that women can do everything men usually do. 

It is not wrong if women ask for an opportunity or a chance to show their ability to the world. Feminism, at some point, was needed because of the inequality between men and women. 

But this feminism has also created a dramatic drawback where men now are treated equally if we compare them to women, I would call it fake feminism. 

What do you understand by fake feminism? 

Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists
Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists

As feminism gets stuck between mainstream and counterculture, we see a new brand emerging, which puts on “The Future is Female” T-shirts and says he identifies as a feminist, but makes jokes about rape and goes into the locker room. 

He used all the right hashtags, and share all your Tumblr messages, but at the end of the day, he was stripped naked, abandoning the feminism he surrounded. 

Talk about “fake feminism” and refer to everyone you meet – whether in the media, at a party, or in your Instagram DMs as a “nice guy.

False feminism makes false equivalences: in a discussion of rape and abuse, referring to hearing her speak, “But what about false accusations?” 

The problem is that the discussion of false accusations takes precedence over that of rape, ignoring the rarity of false allegations and the abundance of reports on rape. 

Furthermore, it is exasperating to consider that classification as a false accusation could be a real event that one never believed. 

You never hear from those who talk about false accusations that men are more likely to be sexually assaulted than to be falsely accused, but we rarely talk about raped men.

False feminism is perceived as intersectional, and it brings down other women to maintain the status quo. Feminism considered meant for the ruling class and is referred to as feminism called. 

Although white women mainly practice it, those who have significant power and influence also have it. 

Beyonce preaches while singing: “Who rules the world?” Girls”, but abuses her workers for Ivy Park, her clothing line ironically harmonizes with the empowerment of women. 

By throwing feminist words on the other side of the world, she pays her employees 54 cents an hour and prevents them from unionizing.

Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists
Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists

False feminism practices a lot of ironies. He makes jokes in the dishwasher and humor that calls women to the lower sex. 

Natalie Wynn, or Contrapoints on YouTube (as we know better), says: “Sometimes irony can be a sure way to explore ideas that are considered not quite ready for learning.” 

Go safe to make these jokes because when someone calls you, you can return it and say not to refer to the trick, or just mention “get it.”

Don’t assume that everyone who makes these jokes hates women, but when you indulge in humor with sexist undertones, misogyny may also affect you. 

Do not say that sexist jokes normalize sexism, and they are done to the detriment of women and the validation of sexist mentalities. Speaking of humor, good comedy gives a punch. Your jokes must devalue women to be funny.

False feminism continually clarifies that it is not “the type of feminist.” 

He dissociates himself from the feminism of the third wave, saying that he remains faithful to the first and second waves, but that the third is too extreme. 

He selects and chooses certain ends of the third wave and uses it as a scapegoat – burning the bra and dyeing underarm hair. 

He even quotes staged events to tell himself why the third wave is cancer (such as the viral video and staging of the woman pouring bleach on spreaders). 

As the third wave does not have a final legislative text, it can be easy to distort it, but to limit itself to its few events without consequence does not take into account the extremely positive change that it brought us: the fight against harassment of sexuality in the workplace, the positioning of women in power, the concept of intersectionality, overcoming stereotypes and the #MeToo movement.

Let’s clarify some things about what feminism is… 

Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists
Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists

Arising, many men are irritated by the word feminism. Many men always promote feminism negatively. Feminism talks of equality and not female prominence. 

Now the question is that feminism does not talk about female superiority, so why is the word “feminism” used? 

The answer to this is the insignificant status of women in society; only an insensitive person can say that the status of women is irrelevant. 

The entire structure of society is evil. For example, all abuses are directly or indirectly on the woman or by focusing on a particular part of the woman. 

A man thinks of a woman as an object of destruction, although this need not hurt all men because here it is being talked about by men who believe that a woman’s freedom from some logic is wrong and Those who consider a woman as slave entirely.

Now it comes to how to identify fake feminists… Fake feminists are mostly men. 

Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists
Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists

A woman cannot be a fake feminist. At least, if a woman seems to be doing so, then the reason behind this is to be the male exemption of the society.  Recently, the Mitu movement has run in India; many men have made a lot of fun about this; many people were hooked on asserting malicious allegations. 

These are the same people who also come to the rescue of every rapist and take a lot of doubt. It is often seen how girls have flirted, assets are spoken, and do not know what. 

We can see all these things around us. Some people also argue that girls take shortcuts for promotion in their career, that is, they take development by sleeping with the boss, if you also believe these things entirely and believe the girl’s fault in it, then you are leading on the basis of feminine and realistic mindset. 

If you take the promotion by sleeping with the girl’s boss, then it is to be told that the blame is for the girl or that stalker. 

It is a simple matter that if a man expresses suspicion about the girl’s allegations, or why he does not speak, or if he suspects the progress of a female colleague in the office, then he surely is a gross male who needs to improve himself.

Identifying fake feminists is very simple – 

Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists
Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists
  • If someone is calling herself a feminist, she talks about women’s rights, but in her own house, she expects her wife to make bread for her, then he is a fake feminist.
  • If a man calls himself a feminist and enjoys talking about a beautiful girl in a group of friends from her limbs to figure, he is a fake feminist.
  • As long as there is a male ego inside the man, he can only be a fake feminist. 
  • Some men are also covered with feminism to attract girls towards them. 
  • Ideally, above 90 percent of men in India give very little freedom to their wives.
  • Some people are only feminists on social media, just to make their image shine. 
  • Any woman who does not talk about rights in her real life is a fake feminist.

By the way, writing about feminism is not so easy. Men cannot understand many problems that a girl faces every day. Feminism speaks of women’s rights, which a woman does not get. 

Feminism is not limited to wearing clothes and free sex. Still, its scope is enormous, nowadays some feminist girls are also limited in their understanding of the fabric of their mind and even free sex, although the mistake of girls No, the error here is of markets which portray a girl as an object.

With a real understanding of feminism, every woman should struggle as much with this masochistic society. There will be a time when a woman will get her rights.

Neha Dhupia was accused of being a ‘fake feminist.’

Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists
Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists

Actress Neha Dhupia’s comments on the fraud did not go down well with social media users, which led to her being trolled.  Neha slammed a male contestant for slapping a girl in an episode of Roadies Revolution’s ongoing season. The girl allegedly cheated on him along with five other boys. Neha told the contestants it was her choice.

Neha is a gang leader on the show. Neha’s attitude, however, did not appeal to the netizens.  Many users called her a fake feminist. A user tweeted Neha Dhupia, who are you to abuse such a person in your show? 

Stop playing this woman’s card everywhere. Another tweeted we call it fake feminism. The underlying meaning of feminism is to advocate for women’s rights based on the equality of men and women. 

As a result, it defies logic made by anyone who says that feminism is torturing men unfairly.   It is not that the movement has been associated with equality, which means the abolition of privilege for any gender. 

Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists
Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists

Any action taken in the opposite direction is not automatically feminism. Since the middle of the eighteenth century, feminism in India has been divided into three phases. 

Although in earlier times, there were many powerful women, who always fought against social norms, this reform was seen to begin in a big way in the 18th century. 

In the early 1850s, torchbearers were the leading figures in the first phase of feminism in India who worked to eradicate social evils.

However, its influence was somewhat moderated by the conflict between the reform movement and the nationalist movement. Later any interference by the colonists in Indian homes was opposed. 

As a result, whenever the government tried to raise the minimum marriage age for girls, they faced protests.

Modern feminism 

Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists
Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists

The Indian feminism movement has come a long way over the years. Instead of expecting men to “protect” women’s rights, women are now taking to the streets to protect themselves. 

Regular movements have been organized to secure equal space for women in society. All have been prevented under one influence —anarchy to ensure the right to equality for women, raise their voice against rape and oppression, and abolish patriarchy. 

In the early days, the beginning of feminism started with the basics like fighting against sati, etc., which can now be reached on various grounds. 

Women fight for complete equality in all areas of their life, such as the workplace, home, and so on. Women from backward regions or social authorities face different challenges than women from urban or more privileged classes. 

However, its issues are more or less the same. In 2009, a group of women was allegedly assaulted and attacked in a pub in Mangalore. A “pink underwear” movement was launched for its response, mainly to stand against right-wing activists behind it. 

Similarly, the Blanc Knight project was launched in 2003 a few years ago. The aim was to protest against the increasing lack of security for Indian women. 

The project has released several posters depicting various forms of clothing, such as “I Never Asked for It.” 

The conclusion is that the shape and type of women’s clothing do not in any way indicate their “will” or “consent.”

Criticism and reaction 

Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists
Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists

Whenever someone speaks out against the movements taken to bring about women empowerment in villages and backward areas, urban feminism often stands up to it with harsh criticism. 

It is said that there is no longer any need for feminism in those areas and that they are only moving towards privileges. But how true is it? 

There is also a popular argument that wearing short skirts and drinking alcohol at nightclubs is not an embarrassment in the name of feminism. 

They say that fighting for the right to education is real feminism for a career. However, in proper ways, this ideology itself talks about the inherent patriarchy that is still prevalent in our country. 

There is no fixed degree of demand beyond equality, which makes feminism something else. When the movement started, it was to treat men as well as women in the same way. 

And yes, it means not just opportunity but also to be given equal responsibilities. This means equality in every field – such as the right to roam the streets at night without questioning their character, etc. 

Therefore, when we do not raise any question about walking around in a person wearing skimpy clothes, then why to call a woman who repeats the same process a “pseudo-woman,” for this, we are sure. 

It should be said that equality will be provided only to a certain level. Such a mindset needs to change. 

It is not feminism to make a male stand up from a metro seat, I agree, but it is feminism to reserve six coaches in an 8-compartment train. 

If women want to feel safe in a country where the crime rate against their gender is increasing carelessly every day, it is not a demand for privilege.

Need for Change 

Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists
Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists

Recently, a growing trend of people stating, “I am not a feminist, I am a humanist.” However, this argument becomes a bit similar — why does ‘dark life matter,’ why ‘life does not matter to all’? Why?

Because you mostly forget the issue of the problem. Yes, everyone has their own lives, and it cannot be denied. The movement does not take the essence of life, or any other social traditions, for that matter. 

But what it wants to say is that dark lives are in danger, and it is necessary to keep in mind this crime and discrimination happening against them. 

Likewise, hell Zoroastrianism is not called “humanism” because there is still a long way to go in women’s empowerment. 

Even if a single woman in the world is deprived of equal rights, feminism will be needed. 

Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists
Feminism: Real Feminists and Fake Feminists

The movement works for equality of all genders, and this is done naturally by privilege, particularly by gender transcendence. Therefore, there is feminism. 

To achieve this as a “man-hating” scheme is to lose the opportunity for the entire purpose of the movement. 

Even if women are given more privileges than men, it means that feminism is coming to an end. 

Second, while working for modern-day feminist cisgender women, transwomen should be more inclusive. If their rights are ignored, or feminism is not made as useful, it is a toxic privilege in itself.

In this way, women should get equal rights as men, but in the name of equality, I do not like any kind of arbitrariness and vulgarity, so I am totally against fake feminism.

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