Final Year Students Exams Verdict out? Check Exam Date, Schedule, & Pattern

Final Year Students Exams

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit many sectors and institutes, forcing everything to come at a standstill. Similarly, after the SSC and HSC exams and results were out, The final year students kept their hopes high to hear a verdict in their favour. Seeing the trying times today, it seems complicated for the students to risk their lives and go to centres to give their final exams. So all eyes on the verdict that will probably be out today about last year’s examinations.

Will the final year exams take place in October?

It very likely that the final year examinations will be held in the first week of October, and the results will be out by the end of October. The schedule will be modified, keeping in mind the 8 lakh and more students appearing for the exams, and the time table shall be out accordingly. VC Suhas Pednakar heads the Committee, and Maharasthra’s higher education minister Uday Samant works on various possibilities, keeping in mind the students’ benefit.

What are the possible options that the Committee is looking at?

Keeping in mind students’ safety, the Committee has declared that no students will leave their house to give the exams. There are three options currently that the Committee is looking at mainly, online exams, open-book tests, and assignments. The higher committee members will choose either of the three, and then an announcement will be made. Samant also said Chief Minster Uddhav Thackrey would hold a meeting that will discuss the new exam schedule. He also added that the Committee had given three options to the VC’s, and they have to choose either one of them, that is, between online exams, open-book tests, or assignments. He further added that we are firm on the take that we can’t allow the students to come to the centres and give their exams. The panel members should be ready with the schedule until Wednesday” Said he chief minister Uddhav Thackrey.


The concluding verdict regarding the final year exams shall be out today as the chief minister and his panel has put forth their three plans to carry the exams. At last, this is sending a sigh of relief to the students, and probably by the 1st week of October itself, the exams will be conducted. The three options put forward are:

-Online exams
-Open Book tests

The students re hoping that their plea is heard and the decision is made soon. For more updates on the topic, stay tuned to World wire, we bring the latest information on all trending topics.

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