Fireworks Create Tons Of Heavy Metal Pollution

Many people enjoy fireworks because they are beautiful, but they can also contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to health. When used inadvertently as weapons, fireworks can be deadly. Discovering the true dangers of fireworks. Fireworks assaulted the writer’s home in the UK, so he set out to find out the true state of safety.

This is after ignoring all the cases of blinding, burning and finger loss caused by smaller fireworks abuse. Whenever a rocket explodes close to a window, the glass from the window can be driven straight through a child’s head and into the house. Such rockets can cause permanent damage to eye and eardrums and cause permanent trauma. They can also cause pet agoraphobia, which is the animal kingdom’s version of agoraphobia.

The so-called pretty fireworks contain chemicals that can cause devastating illnesses and worsen existing illnesses like asthma, ME, MS and other auto-immune diseases. Arsenic, mercury, lead, dioxins, and radioactive barium can be absorbed from firework displays downwind. When you analyze some of the big displays in London, you will find that tons of fireworks were used and this produced pollutants in huge quantities. A high dose of these heavy metal contaminants can be received by pets and residents nearby.

There have been attempts to alert the Government to these dangers in the past, but none have been successful. Fireworks are beautiful, and the Government could allocate special locations for them, giving people pleasure, helping the fireworks companies maintain their image, and protecting their health at the same time. It is the Government’s hope that we will forget about the problem if they turn a blind eye to it.

Identifying remedies to personal and community problems is not always easy. A solicitor can write and warn the offenders if you are aware of fireworks being fired at your house. The solicitor should also emphasize that fireworks can stress you. Any further offense can be regarded as aggravated assault if the offenders do not cooperate.

It is also possible for an ASBO to be issued if the offenders are engaged in anti-social behavior. Consult the council and the environmental agency if you think that big displays can affect your health. You must find an MP who supports proper safety and vote for him or her. Recent celebrations could have released many tons of heavy metal pollution. Here is an extract that should make people aware.

On New Year’s Eve, a few hours after midnight, tonnes of lead, 60 tonnes of chrome, and several kilograms of cadmium will be sprinkled over Sweden, according to the Swedish technical magazine New Teknik (October 1999). The LEAD Group’s Elizabeth O’Brien wonders what Australia’s score will be.

The sulphur-coal compounds in fireworks can cause cancer, along with the odor of black gunpowder, O’Brien says. Also present are radioactive barium, strontium, and radioactive barium,” says O’Brien. In addition to releasing dioxins, fireworks release dioxins, according to New Scientist (3 July, 1999). Chemicals used in fireworks burn rapidly and produce poisons due to copper catalyzing the reaction, according to a recent issue of Chemosphere (vol.39, p 925).

During the Stockholm Water Festival in 1996, an environmental agency measured the air pollution levels before and after the fireworks, according to Monica Kauppi of the Heavy Metal Bulletin. Mercury, cadmium, lead, copper, zinc, and chromium levels were four to five times greater. Arsenic levels were doubled, while mercury, cadmium, lead, copper, zinc, and chromium levels were four to five times greater.

We need you to actively participate in this debate in order to ensure the future health of our children. Jamie Oliver has demonstrated to us that it takes a lot for the Government to even contemplate spending a few pennies per child to protect the health of our children. Previously, the writer worked in Clinical Analysis for major corporations and is recovering from amalgam dental fillings poisoning him.

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