Flower of Evil Episode 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, (Latest KDrama) Where to Watch Online?

Flower of Evil Episode 1 Release Date: Flower of Evil, another Korean drama that is set to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, is coming soon. This July is all about finding the past’s hidden truths and chasing answers with Flower of Evil, so are you ready?

Flower of Evil Episode 1 Release Date

Flower of Evil is a Korean drama directed by Kim Cheol-Kyu and is written by Yoo Jung-Hee. This series will star the actor’s Lee Joon-Gi and Moon Chae-Won, who have previously starred together in the 2017 tvN drama series called the “Criminal Minds.” This is getting the fans even more excited because the pair has already been seen before. But this time, it is an unusual story, and the excitement is reaching its peak by now.

Flower of Evil Episode 1

The story reveals around a detective who finds out that her perfect husband is hiding secrets about his past. Cha Ji-Won (Moon Chae-Won) is a married detective to Baek Hee-Sung (Lee Joon-Gi), and together they a daughter. Soon she realizes that her perfect and hardworking husband, who is perfect or pretends to be so, is hiding a secret from her. So she decides to dig deep and finds out things about his past. He is using someone else’s identity and has not been completely honest about his life. As a detective, she starts to chase his past and find out what he has been hiding.

Flower of Evil Cast

Lee Joon Gi as Do Hyun Soo / Baek Hee Sung
Moon Chae Won as Cha Ji Won
Jang Hee Jin as Do Hae Soo
Seo Hyun Woo as Kim Moo Jin
Jung Seo Yeon as Baek Eun Ha, Hee Sung & Ji Won’s daughter
Son Jong Hak as Baek Man Woo, Hee Sung’s father
Jo Kyung Sook as Moon Young Ok, Ji Won’s mother
Choi Young Joon as Choi Jae Sub, Detective
Kim Soo Oh as Im Ho Joon, Detective
These names include the main cast and the supporting cast in the series, and there are also a few more names to the list that have made a noteworthy contribution in the series.

Flower of Evil Release Date

The Flower of Evil series is said to air for a total number of 16 episodes, out of which the first episode will be aired on the 29th of July 2020 at 7:20 pm on tvN. The show will have back to back two episodes on Wednesday and Thursday, which means that the fans will get to see two episodes each week. And there is no doubt that the detective and the story of her husband and his past will be gripping enough that the audience is fully indulged in the series. Stay tuned for more such updates on entertainment, web series, and more new information on Korean dramas.

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