SEES, Inc. Forges A Strategic Partnership With SCI To Advance Innovative Renewable Energy Solutions In B-To-B, B-To-C, And Government Sectors.

A new partnership agreement has been announced between Solar Energy and Efficiency Solutions (SEES, Inc.), a San Diego, CA company specializing in providing optimal energy efficiency solutions and maximum return on investment, and Suarez Corporation Industries (SCI), based in Akron, Ohio. A key element of Solar Energy and Efficiency Solutions’ marketing program for Energy Efficiency contractors is the alliance. As a result of this agreement, the companies establish strong bonds between them, as well as their mutual objective of providing their customers with the highest quality services, innovative technologies, and environmentally friendly solutions. In partnering with Suarez Corporation Industries, Solar Energy and Efficiency Solutions gains tremendous marketing leverage, giving the company an immediate global presence for cost-effective green solutions.

SEES will launch a global directory of renewable energy companies in early January 2010 in which Suarez Industries can be marketed.

Both the directory system and bulletin board are valuable resources in the marketing of renewable energy products and installers to both contractors and consumers.

We acquire, partner with, and market new green inventories and discoveries through our company, Suarez Corporation Industries.

There is a wide range of renewable energy topics available in Green Energy Talk, a SEES forum. In addition to wind power, solar energy, and hydro power, we offer expert moderators in a variety of areas, including energy efficiency, conservation, and residential and commercial building solutions. Over 50 industry experts will moderate the forums. Visit

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