Freedom House Church, Charlotte North Carolina Parking Guide

Freedom House Church, Charlotte North Carolina Parking Guide

The Freedom House Church is, according to its website, a “nondenominational” church that focuses on helping people develop a healthy relationship with Christ and themselves. The church is run by senior pastors, Troy and Penny Maxwell. Troy is, again, according to their website, “On the platform and in his everyday life, engaging, charming, and adventurous. He is devoted to God and teaches from the Bible in a way that is relevant to our lives today. Troy is a natural leader who likes bringing out and nurturing the leader in others while challenging them to put their faith in God. He’s also a visionary who isn’t afraid of the unknown.”

Freedom House Church
Freedom House Church

Penny is the embodiment of the corporate happy go lucky “Quirky and Fun Person” template. Penny’s bio is corporate perfection, with so much positivity, that your brain will explode. Here, take a look at his bio on the website, “Penny co-leads Freedom House with her husband Troy, collaborating on a balanced yet energetic approach to service. Penny is an energetic, vivacious, and fun-loving person who brings energy and a new perspective to every situation. Penny puts her all into whatever she does, with an eye for detail and a creative flair. Her heartbeat is one of encouragement, and she likes helping people grow in their faith.”

Location of Freedom House, NC

There are several Freedom House campuses across North Carolina.  These campuses are in well-developed neighbourhoods. They are near schools and well-established houses.

Freedom House North Carolina Parking Options

If you opt to park in the lot next to the Freedom House NC, parking is free. If you arrive late to any event being hosted here, there are additional parking options nearby that we will discuss. Distance is a consideration in situations like these, where you are unable to park in designated areas.

Parking costs may be an issue because you will have to walk from the Freedom House NC to your parking location. This is why street parking is sometimes the best option. So, if you don’t make it in time and find yourself staring at a jumbled-up slurry of automobiles in the parking area, here are some options.

There are a variety of different parking options near Freedom House NC, however, most of them are street parking. The designated parking space of the Freedom House NC is marked in this photograph. Let’s take a look at all of your parking choices if you can’t find one in the official lot.

Freedom House Church Parking Lot
Freedom House Church Parking Lot

All of the red locations indicate additional parking options; however, parking on the side of the road appears to be the greatest choice because it is not far from the Freedom House NC. The roads are also fairly long and vacant, so parking your automobile will not be an issue.

There also seems to be a small parking lot at the very edge of the parking area, this is also an additional parking option. The street parking options are also viable. You can park at the entrance of the parking lot. Another parking option is in the parking lot of a very nearby prep school.

The area in this image that is marked blue is an indication of the school’s parking lot. The parking lot of the school is extremely large and spacious, there are loads of parking opportunities here. You can even park in the spaces between different segments of the parking lot.

Parking space near Freedom House Church
Parking space near Freedom House Church

There is also an elementary school with a large parking spot, Stoney Creek Elementary School.

Freedom House NC Parking tips

You will have no trouble parking at the Freedom House NC because the parking lot is rather spacious. The best advice is to avoid attending during peak periods, such as when there is a fair or a huge event.

If you have no option but to go during a crowded time, another piece of advice is to park in one of the alternate places suggested above. The on-site parking will most likely be full, and you will have no choice but to find another parking place. Even if the on-site parking is vacant, I would still recommend that you park elsewhere for a huge event.

This is because the parking place will most likely become rather crowded, and several automobiles may be scraped, nicked, or bumped in the ensuing brawl. So, rather than risking it, park somewhere else.

Tailgating at Freedom House, NC

Tailgating is not allowed at Freedom House NC, also, even if it was, it would be useless, since all you can see from the outside is just the front desk.

Public Transit To Freedom House NC

Here are all of the bus options available for the location:

Bus options to get to Freedom House Church
Bus options to get to Freedom House Church

The closest bus stop is Weddington Rd & Lyles Ln. It will only be a 4-minute bus ride from there.  You can choose the bus route that is most comfortable for you from his page: Google Maps Freedom House NC.

Directions to Freedom House

Directions to any place are difficult to present online, as the directions are different for everyone. So, all I can do is show you the map and tell you where every relevant landmark is.

Directions to Freedom House Church
Directions to Freedom House Church

There are, as I’ve already stated, two schools nearby, however, there is also a pond nearby called the Allosaurus Pond. There is also the amazingly famed travel agency called “Show You the World Travel Agency.”

More about the Freedom House Church NC’s values and beliefs

The TPUSA faith is also being presented in the Freedom House. TPUSA’s objective to restore traditional American values is supported by thousands of American churches with millions of members. They lack civic involvement and the opportunity to affect constructive political and cultural change in our country at the moment. By enabling pastors and training their congregations to take action, Turning Point Church is on a mission to motivate the faith community to be civically involved like never before.



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