Fulton County, Georgia: Watch This Woman Who Wore Gloves For Her Ballot Drop Offs

Fulton County, Georgia: Watch This Woman Who Wore Gloves For Her Ballot Drop Offs

After Joe Biden defeated the Republicans in the 2020 presidential elections, the Department of Homeland Security claimed the 2020 elections were “the most secure in American history.” But right-wing filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza is all set to take the country by storm with his upcoming film titled ‘2000 Mules’, a documentary that apparently contains evidence of the widespread voter fraud during the 2020 elections.

All the research resources have been provided by a Texas organisation called ‘True the Vote’, which describes itself as an anti-voter fraud organisation. The evidence showcased in the upcoming movie has been obtained through cell phone geo-tracking and videos. The ‘mules’ in the movie refer to paid or unpaid operatives who dropped ballots in several drop boxes in the 2020 election.

In a recent episode of the Charlie Kirk Show, Catherine Engelbrecht & Gregg Phillips from True the Vote organisation sat down with host Charlie Kirk for an hour-long interview to discuss the organised ballot operation during the 2020 elections, along with a video of one such “mule” in action.

“This was a machine… this is institutional evil.”

The interview with Catherine and Gregg kicked off with details on how they realised that this was all part of an organised crime. They discussed how they pieced the evidence together, giving details on their information-gathering process. Later in the interview, Charlie questions the “mules” actions across several states, asking “Which state was the worst offender?”

Gregg replied, saying, “Pennsylvania”, where, allegedly, 1,155 mules were tracked down in Philadelphia.

Charlie Kirk interview with Catherine and Gregg

Catherine added that the mules even crossed state borders to participate in the fraud. “What’s even more insane, is watching the data, watching the pings come across the bridge in New Jersey and into Philly.” The traffickers actually crossed state lines to participate in the fraud. And it wasn’t just in Philadelphia. Two mules in Arizona made their way to Georgia for the runoffs.” -she said.

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Gregg also revealed that the NRSA (National Republican Senatorial Committee) knew about the illegal ballot stuffing, and yet, did nothing about it.  “This was a machine… this is institutional evil.” -said Kirk.

Video clip from 2000 Mules shows a woman wearing gloves to ballot dropbox

Later on in the interview, Charlie showed Gregg and Katherine a video that has been circulating the internet, showing a woman wearing latex gloves to a dropbox in Fulton County, Georgia. She proceeds towards the dropbox, drops in a ballot, and then removes the gloves and throws them into a nearby trash can. According to Gregg, the woman did this to keep her fingerprints off the ballot, to escape being caught.

“This video is also in the movie, so what are we seeing here guys?” -asked Charlie.

The Charlie Kirk Show

“This is a mule,” replied Gregg. “This is in Fulton County, she’s approaching a box,” Catherine interrupted saying, “And this is in the run-off, on January 5th, at about 1 in the morning”. Gregg continued, “She goes up, puts the ballots in the box, turns around, takes off her gloves and puts them in the trash can. “

Charlie added then that she didn’t want her fingerprints on the ballot box. “Why is this significant?” -he asked.

“Because in Arizona, several days before this, in St. Louis, there were some indictments brought and part of the indictment was brought because they were able to lift fingerprints from the ballots.”



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