Georgia 2020 Election Fraud Report- Is It Real?

Elections are a crucial event for any country, and along with themselves, they bring a whole lot of controversies. The United States of America is no exception, and the 2020 presidential elections went down in the history of the US as one of the most controversial elections ever to take place. The matter of election fraud has been brought up many times in the court and the pace of its proceedings is rather slow. That is precisely why here we’ll take a look at the most crucial controversy of the US 2020 elections that claims the elections to be a massive fraud, and we’ll do that with the state of Georgia in consideration. Georgia is a state where Biden managed to win by a margin of roughly 12,000 votes, and many believe the results to be a part of an even bigger election fraud. Let’s take a look at the allegations and evidence we have that hint the US 2020 elections being nothing but a fraud. However, before that we shall take a brief look at the issues that stand out the most in this whole scenario.

Major Issues

Georgia 2020 Election Fraud Report- Is It Real?

There are certain issues that seem to be out of the box, and that is precisely why we need to be aware of them. Some of them may seem like straight allegations which might be true, but for the sake of convenience we’ll first list down the issues, and later we’ll dive into a detailed study of the allegations.

Here are the issues in concern:

  • High number of voters aren’t registered, are underage, are deceased, don’t belong to the state or are imprisoned.
  • The process of ballot counting wasn’t under any sort of observation and is believed to have happened in secrecy, which is a violation of law.
  • Ballots that were manually adjudicated were noticed to have a massive spike in numbers.
  • Dominion counting machines seemed to have integrity issues.
  • One of the allegations claims that the ballots were duplicated with the help of a copy machine directly hinting that the elections were rigged.
  • Absentee ballots weren’t reportedly verified.
  • Over 40 testimonies from witnesses in Georgia were recorded.
  • Other significant audit errors are also believed to hint towards a rigged election process.

Besides all of these issues, reports from witnesses claim that several protocols weren’t followed either. The key allegations and the major issues listed above seem to make up more than enough evidence for taking a stand that believes the 2020 US elections to be a fraud. Let’s now take a look at the allegations on the basis of the above listed issues in detail.

Key Allegations

Georgia 2020 Election Fraud Report- Is It Real?

  • The very first key allegation we’ll be discussing is related to the issue of votes that are illegal in some or the other way. As mentioned earlier, the process of auditing of records revealed that a large number of votes were either from underaged, incarcerated, deceased, unregistered, or out of state voters. Such rigged way of voting is obviously unacceptable, and what’s more surprising is the high numbers in which these votes turned out to be. There were around 2400 voters that weren’t registered with the election council. A massive number of 66,247 underage voters were also revealed to have taken part in the elections. Besides that, around 10,000 votes were from deceased voters. This is easily the biggest allegation so far that hints towards a rigged election.  
  • The process of vote counting was unobserved. The rooms in which votes were counted were declared as closed, yet the vote counting seemed to continue. Observation is essential when it comes to matters like these, and there have been complaints regarding the 2020 US elections that the ballot counting process was ‘deliberately hidden’ from the observers in order to rig the whole thing. A livestream from the internet is believed to be the evidence of the stated allegation where more ballots were revealed from underneath a certain desk after the observers left. A statement was later issued from Trump’s legal team which claimed that the ballot in concern could account for upto 1,20,000 votes, which is massive. Unobserved counting of ballots is also believed to be a violation of electoral laws.
  • Manual adjudication of a huge number of ballots is also a key allegation. Reports depict almost 1,06,000 out of 1,13,130 votes in Georgia were manually adjudicated. That accounts for a ridiculous 94% of the total vote count, and yes, it is a pretty big number. The reason is unknown though. Claims say that the machines were faulty. It is also possible that the ballots had some sort of problem that didn’t allow them to be scanned in a proper manner in computers. Regardless, the huge amount of ballots getting manually adjudicated is a matter of concern and there have been further controversies based off of this allegation.
  • Dominion machines also are something that have been a matter of debate since a long time now. One of the key allegations also includes a claim that says dominion counting machines had integrity issues. There are many reports that claim dominion machines to be prone to errors, brittle and hard to install in the first place. These reasons altogether acted as a base for similar reports that asked to abstain from using them. Error prone devices, especially when it comes to matters of extreme importance, like vote counting, should be avoided which is likely to keep the integrity intact. Dominion machines have had plenty of complaints against them so far, and this one is the biggest yet. 
  • Yet another crucial allegation states that the votes were simply duplicated via the help of electronics, and were counted as actual votes to rig the 2020 US elections along with their results. This was revealed by reports of the poll workers who stated that several ballots seemed to have been duplicated with some kind of copy machine. There was certain evidence put forward with this. The very first being the point of ballots being printed on different paper. The ballots had no fold marks, which would’ve been inevitable in case of mailed ballots. Also most of them shared an identical mark that wasn’t supposedly by a pen.
  • Validity of absentee ballots wasn’t checked in a proper way. Claims are that if they were checked and properly verified, it’d have resulted in Joe Biden losing up to roughly 45,000 votes from Georgia alone. This data hints that this allegation may alone be enough to change the results of the elections when taken in consideration. This is because the number of disputed unverified votes of absentees far exceeds that of Joe Biden’s victory margin.
  • As mentioned earlier, there are almost 40 testimonies from witnesses that address the 2020 US elections as a total fraud. This happened in September 2020, where it came into light that some suspicious activities were reported in the state of Arizona. It is believed that such activities were carried out across the country and is responsible for rigging the elections. One of these testimonies also include a video footage of ballots being shredded to rig the vote count.
  • It was also reported that the vote count was verified in a hurry, even with all of the disputes regarding rigged elections and the vote counting process still around. This gave a boost to the already ongoing controversy, and along with all other allegations and reports, this matter was taken to court.
  • Certain errors in audit and in ballots when accessed later are also believed to be greatly responsible for the 2020 US elections results, followed by the claim that these errors are too big to ignore. Almost 60% of the mailed ballots were found to be containing the improper results. Further investigation also hinted towards the possibility of duplication of ballots.

The most important allegations of the above listed points include the allegation that the votes have been doubled using some kind of copy machinery, and the allegation that a large number of votes were from unregistered, deceased or under-sentenced/imprisoned voters. Even with all of these allegations, the proceedings of the court have been rather slow. Let’s have a look at the updates related to the 2020 US elections in Georgia with the court.

Court cases

There were reportedly two attempts to raise the issue of the 2020 US elections being a fraud in Georgia courts. However, both of them were unfortunately dismissed. The first one was filed on the 4th of December, which was dismissed due to lack of proper paperwork. The second case witnessed an interesting dismissal though. It was brought up directly to the state Supreme court, and was rejected as the petitioners weren’t able to show that the case was of extreme rarity where their jurisdiction would’ve been invoked. It is to be noted that besides these, two several other cases of similar types are already under proceedings, while several of them have been dismissed due to technical reasons such as absence of sufficient evidence or claims without any elements to back them up.


Elections are of utmost importance for the future of any nation. However, it is the bitter truth that several attempts are made to rig an election process. It’s a corrupt practice that has been around for quite a while now. The 2020 US elections have been a center of dispute for months. Let’s hope for court proceedings to end in a result that favors the growth of the nation and frees it from corrupt practices.

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